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American Radical


Rosanne Boyland hated politics. She was shy, and she rarely left her home in Georgia. But then her family got a shocking call: Rosanne had died at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, in the middle of a crowd trying to force its way past a police line. From the depths of their grief, the Boylands vow to figure out what happened to Rosanne. Her brother-in-law, Justin Cave, reaches out to an old high school friend he hopes can help: MSNBC journalist Ayman Mohyeldin. The quest for the truth takes Ayman back to his hometown of Kennesaw, Georgia, where he retraces the last six months of Rosanne's life and picks up a trail that leads to childhood haunts, missing boyfriends, and down shadowy internet rabbit holes. American Radical is a five part series, with new episodes every Thursday and Sunday through December 19.

6 - Monsters and Martyrs
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  • 6 - Monsters and Martyrs

    The investigation into January 6 grabs the spotlight on Capitol Hill. An alternative news site begins to investigate Rosanne’s death, and Lonna suddenly regrets giving them an interview. Members of Congress take up the call and ask whether Rosanne was killed by police. The search for Justin Winchell takes one last turn.

    Sun, 19 Dec 2021 - 33min
  • 5 - Cause of Death

    Rosanne’s official autopsy report leaves more questions than answers. Lonna, skeptical of the results, starts an investigation of her own. Meanwhile, an old friend named Sarah shares stories that cast a different light on Rosanne’s final months. With the cause of Rosanne’s death so hotly debated, seasoned medical examiners weigh in on the details.

    Thu, 16 Dec 2021 - 36min
  • 4 - 14 Hours

    Conspiracy theory YouTube videos are Ayman's next clue in Rosanne's QAnon journey, and he learns how they could lead to radicalization for her and many others.

    Sun, 12 Dec 2021 - 33min
  • 3 - The Other Justin

    Justin Winchell appears to be a key figure in Rosanne Boyland's radicalization. Ayman Mohyeldin talks to the last journalist to speak to Winchell before he vanished.

    Thu, 9 Dec 2021 - 33min
  • 2 - Who Killed Rosanne Boyland?

    Rosanne Boyland's family asks host Ayman Mohyeldin three days after she dies at the Capitol riot how she may have gotten radicalized in just a few months.

    Sun, 5 Dec 2021 - 39min
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