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The Bob McCown Podcast

The Bob McCown Podcast

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A sports podcast hosted by Bob McCown with co-host John Shannon. We talk about the biggest stories with the biggest names in professional sports. New episodes Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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    Zeisberger and Garrioch join the podcast today for a good ol' fashioned NHL Roundtable.

    50 years exactly have passed since Paul Henderson scored the goal that won Canada the Summit Series back in 1972 yet, he is still not in the Hockey Hall of Fame. We spend the first half of todays show debating on why Henderson has yet to be inducted into the HOF and question if he even should be in it before moving on to some current NHL news. 

    The four talk about Matt Murray and the Toronto Maple Leafs' goaltending issues as we share our concerns about having Murray be the number one goalie for the Leafs before moving on to pick Bruces brain about all things Ottawa Senators to end the show.

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    Wed, 28 Sep 2022
  • 786 - KENNY ALBERT on Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees, MLB’s new playoff format & the NFL

    Kenny Albert, the only 4 sport play by play announcer in the game joins the show today to have a chat with Bob and John.

    In the midst of a series against the Toronto Blue Jays, Kenny, Bob and John talk about the New York Yankees and their record breaking slugger, Aaron Judge. We discuss the significance of Judge’s 61 home runs and what it means to the city of New York before moving over to MVP talk and speculate on the likelihood of Judge staying in New York as a Yankee once his contract is up. Before changing topics, the three pick Kenny’s brain about MLB’s playoff format and who he thinks we’ll see in the World Series come October.

    After the break, the three get into some stories from Kenny’s career as we talk about the difficulties of calling games for 4 different professional sports leagues before ending the show with some NFL talk along with a brief discussion on the New York Rangers.

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    Tue, 27 Sep 2022
  • 785 - SCOTT MORRISON & HARRY SINDEN on the 1972 Summit Series

    Who better to talk about one of the greatest events in hockey history than Harry Sinden?

    Having coached the Canadians in the 8 game series all those 50 years ago, Harry joins the podcast today with Scott Morrison, author of "1972: The Series That Changed Hockey Forever".

    Building off of our episode last month, Scott and Harry dig deep into the depths of their minds, pulling out forgotten facts and figures of the Summit Series while Harry gives us a unique POV as we get to see the intricacies of the series through the eyes of the coach who won it. 

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    Mon, 26 Sep 2022
  • 784 - SHI DAVIDI on the Toronto Blue Jays & MLB's New Playoff Format.

    Sportsnet's own Shi Davidi joins the show to end the week with some baseball talk with Bob and John.

    With Shi in Tampa right now, the three talk about the Blue Jay's current series with the Tampa Bay Rays, going over the playoff implications this series brings, the shaky performance from some of the teams key players and the concerns we, along with the team, has with their pitching depth.


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    Fri, 23 Sep 2022
  • 783 - A Look Into The Life Of A Boston Sports Writer W/ KEVIN PAUL DUPONT & BOB RYAN.

    Both podcast regulars, both from the Boston Globe yet they have never done a show together. Today, we change that as we bring on Kevin Paul Dupont & Bob Ryan to talk about what it's like writing about sports in one of the most passionate sports cities in the world.


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    Thu, 22 Sep 2022
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