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Seattle sports talk with Brock Huard and Mike Salk weekdays 7am to 10am on 710 ESPN Seattle.

2718 - Why haven't the Seahawks hired an Offensive Coordinator?
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  • 2718 - Why haven't the Seahawks hired an Offensive Coordinator?

    It's been two weeks since the Seahawks started their search for a new Offensive Coordinator and Salk lays out why the lack of news should be cause for concern. With the Bucs heading to the Super Bowl to take on the Chiefs, is it time to give Bruce Arians some credit? Blue 88 - John Schneider doesn't have a 1st or 3rd round pick in the 2021 draft, Brock has a blockbuster trade scenario that could change that. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

    Wed, 27 Jan 2021
  • 2717 - Why Offensive Coordinator ISN'T the Biggest Question for the Hawks this Offseason

    The Seahawks still don't have an offensive coordinator, but are we all looking in the wrong place for the answers to the Hawks' return to playoff dominance? Brock & Salk sift through some of the major questions facing the Seahawks recent and upcoming decisions, Brock & Salk dive into the vault for a podcast edition of "Good News, Bad News, No News". Salk declares why the Mariners having 2 prospects in the top 5 of baseball signals a new stage in development unseen since the '90s, while Brock dives into whether former UW head coach Chris Petersen will ever coach again. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

    Wed, 20 Jan 2021
  • 2716 - Hawks OUT of the Playoffs; New OC MUST HAVE'S; Re-Signing Schneider is a Big Deal

    One of the members of the Brock & Salk Podcast called for a sloppy playoff game against the Rams. They got their wish... and the Hawks lost. But was that the reason why they lost? The Hawks made 2 major moves, re-signing GM John Schneider and firing offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Hear why Brock & Salk are more interested in the decision to retain Schneider than move on from Schottenheimer. Brock reviews his ideal candidates for the next Hawks' OC...Boy Howdy loses his mind at Brock & Salk for being OK with regressing the offensive philosophy...Salk has words for people who doubt that the NBA will come to Seattle when they expand. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

    Thu, 14 Jan 2021
  • 2715 - The Seahawks Prove They Are READY for the Playoffs

    Heading into a 3rd matchup against the Rams on Saturday for the Wildcard round of the playoffs, the Seahawks are playing in a way that is making a lot of fans nervous. Brock & Salk, on the other hand, see it COMPLETELY differently--but why? Brock breaks down how the Hawks should handle the running game against the Rams in Blue 88, while Brock & Salk rank the 6 open head coaching jobs in the NFL...and come to an interesting conclusion about whether Seahawks GM John Schneider will leave the Seahawks for a new team this offseason. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

    Wed, 06 Jan 2021
  • 2714 - The NFC West Champion Seattle Seahawks are Playing Their BEST Football since...?

    Fresh off of a division-clinching win over the Rams, Brock & Salk go against the grain and declare that the Seattle Seahawks are playing their best football of the year. In fact, they're playin their best ball in years...but how? Brock & Salk identify the 3 main people responsible for the Seahawks' turnaround. Mike is increasingly confident in the Seahawks' ability to turn on the offense if it needs to--is there still a reason to doubt this team? Blake Snell is moved to the Padres; hear why Brock & Salk believe the Mariners were right to save their prospects instead of making a deal.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

    Wed, 30 Dec 2020
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