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The Charlie Kirk Show

The Charlie Kirk Show

Charlie Kirk

Charlie is America's hardest working grassroots activist who has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the day and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and one of social media's most engaged personalities, Charlie is on the front lines of America’s culture war, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of students on over 2,500 college and high school campuses across the country, bringing you your daily dose of clarity in a sea of chaos all from his signature no-holds-barred, unapologetically conservative, freedom-loving point of view.

1585 - The Speech Joe Biden Should’ve Made
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  • 1585 - The Speech Joe Biden Should’ve Made

    As more news comes to light involving the tragic Uvalde school shooting, Charlie speaks with Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church and Southern Baptist Convention President nominee, Tom Ascol, on how to change the current culture that is giving rise to these acts of unthinkable evil and how we can get to the root of the country's abandonment of faith and religion. Then, Charlie reacts live to Governor Greg Abbott’s press conference on the horrific incident, as well as Beto O’Rourke’s selfish and disrespectful disruption. Begrudgingly, he dives headfirst into the national gun control debate, predicts where it will go next, and grounds all the emotional left-wing takes in some constitutional sanity. Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Wed, 25 May 2022
  • 1584 - Tragedy in Texas: Unpacking the Uvalde Massacre

    In light of the school shooting that rocked the small, Texas town of Uvalde, Charlie unpacks the media coverage of the disaster, walks through the details of the shooting based on available reporting, and gives his take on Joe Biden's politicized, polarizing press conference following the death of 19 children. Stay tuned to The Charlie Kirk Show for continued breaking analysis of the shooting, the President's response, or lack thereof, and how the Democrats plan to twist this tragedy into a power grab ahead of the November Midterms.   Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Wed, 25 May 2022
  • 1583 - A Full Defense of 2,000 Mules with Dinesh D’Souza

    After a compelling conversation surrounding the current state of the left—are they tired or are they fired up and ready to head into the midterms? — Charlie analyzes the reality behind the morale amongst America’s Marxists and what it means for November 2022. And looking back to 2020, Charlie is joined by Dinesh D’Souza - the man behind 2,000 Mules, to go through the most common and baseless criticisms behind the media’s attacks on his bombshell movie. All of that and so much more in this action-packed episode of The Charlie Kirk Show.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Wed, 25 May 2022
  • 1582 - The Makings of a New Conservative Majority with Newt Gingrich

    Charlie welcomes Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, back to the show to discuss the Georgia primaries and the GOP's expanding brand with black and Hispanic voters. Gingrich breaks down the changing tides electorally, including conservatives' improved candidate recruitment, that Newt predicts could amount to a new Republican coalition he likens to the Reagan majority in the 80s which resulted in sweeping landslides for Republicans. Next, Charlie breaks down the unique characteristics of the Georgia electorate and goes inside baseball on how that state's political establishment really functions and creates a challenging uphill battle for disruptor candidates. Next, Charlie offers his take on the Taiwan China conflict and Joe Biden's controversial comments where he confirmed America would react to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan militarily—only to force his White House aides to walk back the comment repeatedly in the aftermath. Lastly, Charlie breaks down the latest poll detailing Biden's collapsing approval numbers. Question: Do you think Joe Biden's poll numbers have gone up or down since the Roe leak?  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Wed, 25 May 2022
  • 1581 - The Great Decline: Prescribing the Coming Population Crash

    On this informative and important episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie keeps an eye on the World Economic Forum action happening in Davos, Switzerland, and highlights a dividing line for the world's elites. On one side, you have the Klaus Schwabs and John Kerrys of the world advocating for population control, and on the other—the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, sounding the civilizational alarm bell about the decline in global population. Charlie unpacks the distinctions between the two polarized positions and raises questions that spell either life or death for society as we know it. Next, he sheds new light on an old scheme being peddled by the globalists at Davos who seek to limit population size and disrupt birth rates all in the name of preserving the climate. All of that and so much more in an episode of can't-miss commentary and analysis from Charlie Kirk. Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Tue, 24 May 2022
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