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ESPN, Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim Rose

First Take is always a heated discussion as Stephen A. Smith and guests debate about the day's top stories.

2690 - Hour 2: G.O.A.T Vote
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  • 2690 - Hour 2: G.O.A.T Vote

    Stephen A. Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, and Monica McNutt debate if LeBron James is more comparable to Tom Brady or Michael Jordan. Mina Kimes stops by to discuss if Jimmy Garoppolo receives unfair criticism. Stephen A. and Keyshawn debate if the Ravens should be interested in Antonio Brown following his comments on wanting to play with Lamar Jackson. Stephen A. gives his list of the top plays from the NFL playoffs. Later, the guys debate if Russell Westbrook is taking too much heat.

    Tue, 25 Jan 2022
  • 2689 - Hour 1: Tom's Up?

    Stephen A. Smith and Keyshawn Johnson debate if it is time for Tom Brady to retire. Jeff Saturday stops by to talk about how much Aaron Rodgers’ loss against the 49ers affects his legacy and whether the NFL should change overtime rules. Monica McNutt joins the show to debate if Frank Vogel’s job is on the line. Stephen A. discusses if Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Tue, 25 Jan 2022
  • 2688 - Hour 2: Chiefs Roll

    Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin react to Josh Allen's and Patrick Mahomes' respective performances on Sunday. Later, the guys debate whether the Rams' win had more to do with their success or Tampa's missing players. Ryan Clark joins the show to discuss how much Aaron Rodgers' postseason failures will affect his legacy. The crew talks about what is at stake for Joe Burrow in the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs.

    Mon, 24 Jan 2022
  • 2687 - Hour 1: Witnessing Greatness

    Stephen A. Smith, Michael Irvin, and Dan Orlovsky discuss the Chiefs' thrilling victory over the Buffalo Bills. The guys debate if Matthew Stafford has more to prove after his team pulled off a last second victory over the Buccaneers and how big of a hit Aaron Rodgers' legacy has taken following Sunday's loss to the 49ers. The crew discuss whether they would be surprised if Tom Brady walks away from football right now.

    Mon, 24 Jan 2022
  • 2686 - Hour 2: At a Loss

    Stephen A. Smith and Rich Eisen discuss which quarterback would be the best story if they won a Super Bowl this season and what would be the best Super Bowl matchup. Kendrick Perkins and Marcus Spears join the show to debate if the Lakers or the Cowboys are the bigger disappointment right now. Bart Scott stops by to discuss if Aaron Rodgers needs another Super Bowl title to be considered an all-time great. Stephen A. talks about Penny Hardaway's comments at the media following Memphis’ loss to SMU. Sam Acho joins the show to debate which NFL teams will win their upcoming playoff matchups this weekend.

    Fri, 21 Jan 2022
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