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3279 - John Kerry named as Biden's climate envoy
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  • 3279 - John Kerry named as Biden's climate envoy

    The former secretary of state is among the names announced for key roles in the new US administration. Also: Qantas says a Covid-19 vaccination will be a requirement to fly, and is Hanko about to disappear from being a Japanese tradition?

    Tue, 24 Nov 2020
  • 3278 - British coronavirus vaccine up to 90 percent effective

    The Oxford University jab, developed with the drug company AstraZeneca, is cheaper and simpler to store than its rivals. As a result, it should be easier to supply to developing countries. Also: the 23 year-old who’s created a home cancer test kit, the words that have been making headlines this year, and the American kid who survived life in Syria under the Islamic State group.

    Mon, 23 Nov 2020
  • 3277 - Merkel 'worried' over vaccine rollout despite G20 pledge

    G20 leaders said they will "spare no effort" to ensure fair distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. Also: Ethiopia PM issues 72-hour ultimatum to Tigray, and the environmental problems caused by disposable synthetic gloves.

    Mon, 23 Nov 2020
  • 3276 - California imposes Covid-19 curfew as US cases hit 12 million

    Millions face stay-at-home orders as the US faces a surge in coronavirus infections. Also: a virtual G20 summit opens in Saudi Arabia, and Sentinel-6 - a "dog-kennel" shaped satellite blasts off on ocean mission.

    Sun, 22 Nov 2020
  • 3275 - UN warns Yemen is in imminent danger of a catastrophic famine

    The UN secretary general Antonio Guterres blamed the situation on Yemen's continuing war. Also: Georgia officially certifies Joe Biden as winner, and the travel writer Jan Morris dies aged ninety-four.

    Sat, 21 Nov 2020
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