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The ReidOut with Joy Reid

Joy Reid, MSNBC

Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. Reid, who is also a best-selling author and public speaker, joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor. Drawing from her decades-long experience in politics, passion for addressing the intersection of race, justice and culture, as well as her signature tenacious interviewing style, Reid kicks off MSNBC’s primetime lineup by delving into American politics as it unfolds.

766 - Republican Party of Arizona says Biden did indeed win election
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  • 766 - Republican Party of Arizona says Biden did indeed win election

    Joy Reid leads this edition of The ReidOut with the Republican Party of Arizona announcing that President Biden did indeed win the election, according to their tally by a wider margin. Then, Joy is joined by Patrick Gaspard, president of the Center for American Progress, and former White House political director in the Obama administration, who toured the Del Rio encampment housing Haitian migrants on Thursday. Next, David Robinson, father of Daniel Robinson, a geologist who went missing in late June, joins The ReidOut, as we discuss families of missing Black men pleading for more resources and accountability from police. Finally, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a very special stop during their trip to New York. All this and more in this edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.

    Sat, 25 Sep 2021 - 44min
  • 765 - Jan. 6 select committee subpoenas four Trump associates including Steve Bannon

    In breaking news Thursday night, the Jan. 6 select committee subpoenaed four Trump associates including Steve Bannon. Additionally, former chief of staff Mark Meadows, his deputy Dan Scavino, and former Defense Department official Kash Patel have been subpoenaed. Joy Reid and her panel discuss this important development. Plus, Democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema has come out against the reconciliation bill's drug price reforms, which the majority of the country supports, according to recent polling. Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) joins Joy Reid to discuss saying, "I think we are seeing the worst of what Americans believe about Congress play out in this moment." And, Joy Reid leads this episode of show with an anniversary of sorts. One year ago today, we got a warning sign that Donald Trump would not go quietly if he lost the 2020 election. Joy and her panel unpack the ongoing threat to our democracy. All this and much more in this edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.

    Fri, 24 Sep 2021 - 48min
  • 764 - Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema slammed for "internal party obstructionism" against Biden

    Joy Reid leads this edition of The ReidOut with the Republicans refusing to vote to increase the debt ceiling. Joy and her panel of experts discuss how this could have catastrophic results for America. Next, NBC News confirms that Donald Trump has sued the New York Times as well as his own niece, Mary Trump, over a 2018 report that shattered the illusion of him as a self-made billionaire. Will these lawsuits open the president to further unwanted scrutiny? Trump expert David Cay Johnston tells us that in his view, "Between now and the 2024 election Donald Trump is going to be indicted, probably more than once." Additionally, on Wednesday Democratic Senator Cory Booker called his Republican counterpart -- South Carolina Senator Tim Scott -- and told him that Democrats were done with negotiating on the police reform bill. The Rev. Al Sharpton joins us on what's next in the police reform fight. Finally, in this edition of "The Absolute Worst," learn why Joy Reid tells Brazil's COVID misinformation-spreading President Bolsonaro, "Please stay home and don't come back soon!" after his UN visit. All this and much more in this episode of The ReidOut on MSNBC.

    Thu, 23 Sep 2021 - 43min
  • 763 - Homeland Sec. Mayorkas: I am horrified at images of Border Control corralling migrants

    Joy Reid leads this episode of The ReidOut with the constitutional meltdown this country narrowly avoided in January, with new allegations of another plot by Donald Trump and others to defy the will of the voters. Joy and her panel of experts discuss. Then, Rep. Cori Bush joins on the showdown in Congress over the debt ceiling, reconciliation bill, and the passage of the "human" infrastructure bill, with the progressive caucus at odds with moderate Democrats such as Sen. Joe Manchin. Rep. Bush tells Joy, "I will not support and vote for a bipartisan infrastructure bill that comes before reconciliation, because we know that reconciliation won't happen." Next, Sen. Chris Murphy gives his analysis of President Biden's statements on Tuesday at the U.N. on better implementing America's assets as we end our endless wars. Finally, Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas tells The ReidOut he is "horrified" at recent images of Border Control agents corralling migrants on horseback, and that "the matter is under investigation." All this and much more in this edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.

    Wed, 22 Sep 2021 - 44min
  • 762 - Rep. Ilhan Omar slams federal response to Haitian immigrants gathered at southern border

    Joy Reid leads this episode of The ReidOut with two Americas--a nation with vaccinated and unvaccinated spaces with sharply competing values. Joy and her panel of doctors discuss America's path forward as these spaces continue to diverge on many levels. Plus, video from over the weekend shows a horse patrol for U.S. Customs and Border Protection trying to corral human beings like cattle, chasing after Haitian immigrants trying to cross back into the United States. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota joins Joy Reid to discuss. Then, it goes without saying that no family should ever have to endure what the family of missing young woman Gabby Petito is enduring. But, the way this story has captivated the nation has many wondering where is the same level of media attention when people of color go missing? Joy Reid and her panel of experts explore this phenomenon. And, Saturday marked one year since the great Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. Now, the very things she fought so tirelessly for are being threatened by the same Supreme Court that she served on for 27 years. Finally, in tonight's "Absolute Worst," Joy drives home why Democrats need to protect free and fair elections so the rest of us can continue to live in a democracy. All this and more in this edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.

    Tue, 21 Sep 2021 - 43min
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