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The Night Driver

The Night Driver

The Australian

Janine Vaughan’s disappearance 19 years ago is at the heart of a mysterious case that has split a close-knit community left wondering if a murderer walks among them.

13 - Introducing: The Breakdown
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  • 13 - Introducing: The Breakdown

    Australian rugby once had $40 million in the bank. Crowds over 100,000. TV audiences of 3 million. Today the Wallabies have sunk to their lowest world ranking ever. Off the field rugby is a "war zone" with a $20 million deficit last year alone. The Breakdown is a gripping podcast investigation from The Australian, exploring just how far "the game they play in heaven" has fallen - and why. Jessica Halloran and Claire Harvey have interviewed everyone from ex-PMs and billionaires to Wallabies legends, boardroom insiders and the volunteers battling to keep the game alive. Raw and emotional, The Breakdown is the new binge-listen everyone will be talking about. You can listen to The Breakdown through The Australian app, or search for The Breakdown wherever you listen to podcasts. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

    Tue, 30 Mar 2021
  • 12 - Episode 11 - Fate

    Was Janine Vaughan murdered by a Bathurst man with a propensity for shocking acts of violence? Women who have been with him describe his depravity and cruelty. Or was she killed by a different man who has been dead for years? A man who worked at The Dirty Tav, drove around in a small red car, and was similarly renowned for violence. Hedley and his friend the retired judge Peter Murphy delve deep in the final episode of the series. They also explore what really happened to the bloodied knife, subjecting the stalker notes to analysis by a handwriting expert, and hearing from a former detective who identifies ‘red flags’ for possible deception and believes one of the three persons of interest is lying. The longest episode in the series hears from women who cast doubt on the conduct of the other two key persons of interest while the closest witness to the fight between Janine and her once-close friend describes what she saw just hours before Janine disappeared. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

    Wed, 30 Dec 2020
  • 11 - Episode 10 - The Screams

    John Haynes is a former senior cop in Bathurst who still lives at Mount Panorama. He’s been retired for a decade and for the first time he’s speaking publicly about blood-curdling screams he and his family heard near the local university, two days after Janine’s disappearance in early December 2001. Haynes is confident he heard Janine fighting for her life. He has come forward as he says the significance of the screams was not properly understood by police who looked in the wrong place, on the opposite side of a creek separating the university grounds and bushland from the mount. Haynes fears that Janine was killed near the uni and her remains could still lie among the gnarly blackberry bushes along the creek. As Kylie goes back and searches other locations around Bathurst, another thread in this case which fell through the cracks - a  fight between Janine and one of her best friends - comes to light. Janine was in serious conflict with her former employee and housemate before they spectacularly fell out. The person became Janine’s public enemy but it went under the radar in the 2009 inquest, raising awkward and distressing questions and memories nineteen years later. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

    Mon, 21 Dec 2020
  • 10 - Episode 9 - Love You, Sis

    In the search for Janine’s murderer, her sister Kylie who devotes much of her life to this case is taken to the brink of what she believes is a breakthrough, only to have her hopes dashed. Every time there’s a discovery of bones near Bathurst it hits Kylie and the rest of Janine’s family that these might be the remains of Janine. More evidence including details of a police strike force investigation of possible criminal links to taxi drivers who could have picked up Janine come to light as a retired detective who helped lead the major probe into Janine’s murder reveals he formed a view about the identity of the likely killer, a man who is still alive. The former top cop also describes some of the hurdles put in the way of police who spent years in Bathurst trying to solve the mystery. The crucial assumption of almost all investigating detectives that Janine was abducted by the same night driver who attempted to entice another blond-haired woman into his car 10 minutes earlier is challenged. The podcast investigation pauses for several weeks from the release of this ninth episode to look into fresh leads provided by confidential sources from Bathurst.  

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    Sun, 18 Oct 2020 - 1h 26min
  • 9 - Episode 8 - Trying Like Mad

    Janine’s private life came under close scrutiny and details were aired publicly as the Coroner Mary Jerram heard evidence about a young woman overwhelmed by sadness at times in the final days of her life. Janine was in financial and emotional distress - her bills were mounting and she was spending beyond her means on nights out with youthful friends from the local university. She wanted to settle down with a man her own age and raise children but her boyfriends were mostly a decade younger and wanted to party. Janine was taking recreational drugs including pills with her younger friends and the lows were becoming harder to bear. Janine confided to her friend Jordan on the night she disappeared that she had tried to commit suicide days earlier. She made another cryptic disclosure to a friend, Mark. The Coroner Mary Jerram assured the family that she and detectives were ‘trying like mad’ to find Janine’s killer as fresh leads came to light.  

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    Sun, 11 Oct 2020 - 1h 05min
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