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X22 Report is a daily show that will cover issues surrounding the economic collapse. Join me and many others to fight for what is rightfully ours. Website: x22report.com

643 - Ep. 2686 - Change Of Narrative, Sleeping Pill Rejected, OP Mockingbird Failure, Kill Chain
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  • 643 - Ep. 2686 - Change Of Narrative, Sleeping Pill Rejected, OP Mockingbird Failure, Kill Chain

    Inflation is spreading across the globe, now at in Australia, inflation is rising at a very fast pace. The people are pushing back in Canada against the trucking mandates, and its beginning to work. IMF has now slashed the global economic outlook. The [CB] is following the playbook, they are now asking El Salvador to dump bitcoin. The [DS] has lost the narrative, now they are changing it. The people are no longer believing the fake news, the sleeping pill is being rejected and the operation which is called operation mockingbird has failed, kill chain. Trump and the patriots are now moving to take the bullhorn away from the fake news and the puppet masters. The [DS] is now pushing the narrative to try to bring down the electrical grid and the shutdown communication, countermeasures are in place.

    Tue, 25 Jan 2022 - 1h 16min
  • 642 - Ep. 2685 - Why Russia? What Damage Can Russia Do To The [DS], Think Mirror

    The [CB] is now pushing to destroy their own system, this is needed to push people into their new system. They will start raising rates and pushing alternative currencies down, as the economy begins to fall apart, they will push alternative currencies down hard. The [DS] is now in the process of changing the news cycle, the fake news is pushing war. Putin will not invade and will not start a war, the [DS] will try to bait him like they have in the past. But it seems they are using all of this to create the narrative of a cyber attacks on the US. The push against Russia is to coverup their crimes, think of what Russia could do to the [DS] if certain information is revealed. Everything the [DS] projected onto Trump is what they have done and now the people can see the difference, Trump created peace and the [DS] is creating war.

    Mon, 24 Jan 2022 - 1h 06min
  • 641 - Ep. 2684 - SCOTUS Decision Needed, Trap Set, It Will All Be Revealed, Tick Tock

    The [CB] is now pushing the Great Reset/Green Deal. They are completely exposed and this gives the people to fight back which they are doing, this will spread around the world. The supply chain problems are accelerating and they are now telling those in DC to start rationing their food. The push is to usher in the CBDC. The [DS] fell right into the trap the patriots set, all the pieces are coming together, the SCOTUS decision was needed. Soon it will all be revealed and people will see the truth just like they are seeing the truth about covid. The left is now waking up after a year plus of pushing the narrative. Trump has left some information in the J6 documentation, he left it there because he wanted the people to see it, this is all part of the plan, it's time to take take the [DS] and take back the country.


    Sun, 23 Jan 2022 - 1h 23min
  • 640 - Craig Hemke - All The Pieces Are Coming Together At Once To Create The Perfect Storm

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    Today’s Guest: Craig Hemke

    Website: TF Metals Report https://www.tfmetalsreport.com

    Craig Hemke, has been a securities "professional" for over twenty years. Craig begins the conversation talking about the economy and how it is imploding. Inflation is going to get worse and gold is going to start to make moves. The Fed will push rate increases but this will not help the economy it will have the opposite effect. The WEF push for the Great Reset will fail. The pieces are coming together to create the perfect economic storm.

    Sat, 22 Jan 2022 - 47min
  • 639 - Ep. 2683 - Rubber Bullets Sting But Do Not Last, It Won’t Be Boring Forever, Slow Drip Then Flood

    The fake news is trying everything to spin what is happening in the economy, it is failing. People are seeing the inflation and it is getting worse. The [CB] now make their move, push down alternative currency, show it's volatile and introduce cbdc. The elite are panicking, the people are not with them. The [DS] has failed in everything they tried to do to Trump. Now they are getting the J6 docs and the fake news is spinning the story just like the Russian collusion story, in the end this will fall apart. Rubber bullets sting but do not last. The boomerang is coming, the storm is forming and the [DS] will begin to scramble while the drip is happening, but as the drip turns into a flood they will lose the narrative and the flood will be uncontrollable.

    Fri, 21 Jan 2022 - 1h 16min
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