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The Social Fishing Podcast

The Social Fishing Podcast


The Social Fishing Podcast is hosted by Rhys Creed, and he shares the very best in freshwater fishing content in Australia. Interviewing incredible anglers and talking about both lure and bait tactics for all freshwater species.

86 - Ep86 – Targeting Murray Cod in Summer: Key Conditions, Lures and Approach with Rhys & Dan
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  • 86 - Ep86 – Targeting Murray Cod in Summer: Key Conditions, Lures and Approach with Rhys & Dan

    A new season is upon us… and it’s going to be EPIC! Dan and I wanted to sit down and have a chat about what’s ahead and we cover our thoughts on how to approach this summer. Our focus for this chat is on rivers, now that we are heading into a drier period (this means lower flows and clearer water). We talk about what it’s been like the past three years, the current conditions, water clarity and how it affects cod, some key lures worth using over summer and our thoughts on weedless plastics. Before finishing up we also touch on the impoundments and share a few tips. Enjoy this episode and if you have any requests for topics, please send them through. For more information visit:   In this episode: 5:00 - Rivers for cod and conditions over the past 5 years 9:40 – Current conditions and the year ahead (fishing will be epic) 14:30 – Water clarity and how it affects feeding behaviour of cod 26:00 – Tips for the summer ahead and our predictions on good spots to fish 31:20 – Key lures for chasing summer cod 40:00 – Best rod for weedless plastics 50:30 – Tips for chasing cod in lakes & dams over summer

    Thu, 23 Nov 2023 - 1h 02min
  • 85 - Ep 85 - Chris Muscat: Fishing the VIC Crater Lakes (Lake Purrumbete and Lake Bullen Merri)

    Recently I headed down to the Crater Lakes in Southwest VIC to fish the famous Lake Purrumbete and Lake Bullen Merri. On this trip I was joined by SF team member Chris Muscat who writes the reports for this region. At the start of this episode, we both share a recap of our trip and an overview of these two lakes. Chris then shares his fishing story before we talk about Chris favourite places to fish, his favourite techniques for Trout, go-to lures and his favourite setup. If you’re keen to learn about chasing Trout in lakes or you’re looking to fish Lake Purrumbete or Lake Bullen Merri, this is the episode for you! Join the Social Fishing Membership here:   In this episode: 3:30 – Our Crater Lakes Trip Fishing Lake Purrumbete and Lake Bullen Merri 32:50 – Chris’ Story and how he got into fishing 38:40 – How did the Anglers Australia page start 41:40 – Living through COVID in Melbourne 44:50 – Places Chris is keen to visit 54:03 – Favourite three places to fish 56:30 – Most productive technique for chasing Trout 57:18 – Key Lures for Chasing Trout 1:02:35 – Go-To Rod, Reel, Mainline and Leader for Trout 1:05:30 – Chris final piece of advice

    Sat, 30 Sep 2023 - 1h 11min
  • 84 - Ep84 – Matt Martin: Chasing Golden Perch & Burrendong Dam

    Matt Martin loves his Golden Perch, and it was great to get him on for a chat to hear his story, chasing yellas and also fishing Burrendong Dam. The start of the chat kicks off learning a little bit about Matt, his background in fishing and his travels to end up where he is today. He has chased Barra on the ABT circuit and loves fishing a range of competitions for Murray Cod and Yellowbelly. His local is Burrendong and we get into discussions about the key bite periods, the behaviour of the yellas throughout spring and the best way to chase them. Matt is a great fella, and this was a super casual chat. Enjoy our first episode on spring yellas for the season. For more info on access, key fishing spots and up to date reports on Burrendong Dam. Join the Social Fishing Membership:   In this episode: 00:00 – Intro to Matt Martin 07:35 – Where and how did it all begin? 14:30 – How did the fishing the ABT Tournaments come about? 21:42 –Recent fishing comp at Burrinjuck? 24:20 – Spring Yella’s in Lake Burrendong 46:00 – What’s your go-to Yella Technique? 56:01 – Favourite colour pallet? 59:30 – Matt’s experience at the AFTA tradeshow 1:06:24 – Matt’s most memorable moment 1:10:10 – Piece of advice going forward?

    Tue, 05 Sep 2023 - 1h 13min
  • 83 - Ep83 - Lake Eildon: Trophy Murray Cod in Winter with Rhys, Dan & Jimmy

    This is a new style of podcast… recorded on the water while fishing! Lake Eildon is a popular destination, so we planned a trip this winter to explore and unlock the lake. On the final night we decided to record an episode of the podcast, and we ended up doing it in the boat while fishing. This is different and unique! Follow along as we share what we learnt on our trip to Eildon, how we found and landed trophy cod and how you can learn more about fishing the lake. We also talk you through the technique we were using with the live tech during the night session on the water. It’s different… but epic! Enjoy and please let us know if you like this podcast format.   In this episode: 1:00 – Intro to Eildon Podcast 8:22 - Jim’s big fish 12:00 – The size of lake Eildon and finding key areas 16:00 - Beginning of a HOT run in Dans boat (3 fish over the mark) 24:00 – Spotting fish on Live Tech (distinguishing between) 26:00 – Dans wader story 31:00 – Rhys triumphs!  36:00 – Phone call from Jakes boat 38:30 – Talking tactics of working a shoreline with live tech (fish behaviour) 41:00 – Dans 3rd fish for the trip!  46:00 – Thoughts from Dan on the 4 fish bite window 50:00 – Exploring new areas within an impoundment and identifying likely water that’ll hold fish – setting GPS marks to use once night falls 1:04:00 – Explaining what we’re looking for while using live tech (LIVE) 1:15:50 – Lake Eildon Trip Summary within SF Membership   Join the SF Membership: Learn More Here

    Wed, 09 Aug 2023 - 1h 20min
  • 82 - Ep82 – Jakko Davis & Rhys Creed: Bank Walking Rivers for Cod, Moon Phases and Live Tech Discussion

    Jakko is BACK! Perfect timing to get Jakko Davis back on for another podcast chat and we broke the record for the longest chat yet… but it’s epic. This is one you’ll want to make sure you listen to the entire way through (and possibly again). We chat about three key topics: Chasing Murray Cod in Rivers The Effect of Live Technology on Cod Moon Phases and how they Affect Cod These are three hot topics in the cod fishing world at the moment. As always, we get into good discussion on a range of ideas and experiences. Enjoy this chat!   In this episode: 4:30 – Intro and catchup, recent sessions and life 6:00 – Fishing the Macquarie River this season 15:30 – Camping out of a backpack in summer 21:00 – General life and fishing the river 25:30 – Fishing from the inflatable boat 36:00 – Fishing from bank V boat 44:30 – Live Technology Chat: Where is it going? 1:06:00 – How fish behave to splash and boat pressure from the use of Live Tech 1:14:00 – Murray Cod intelligence and understanding their behaviour on live sonar 1:38:30 – Moon Phases and Murray Cod: Bite Periods and Bite Windows 2:13:30 – What do we watch on YouTube 2:16:30 – Membership update, Social Fishing and life updates

    Wed, 02 Aug 2023 - 2h 46min
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