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Trump, Inc.

Trump, Inc.

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He’s the President, yet we’re still trying to answer basic questions about how his business works: What deals are happening, who they’re happening with, and if the President and his family are keeping their promise to separate the Trump Organization from the Trump White House. “Trump, Inc.” is a joint reporting project from WNYC Studios and ProPublica that digs deep into these questions. We’ll be layout out what we know, what we don’t and how you can help us fill in the gaps. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts, including On the Media, Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin, Nancy and many others. ProPublica is a non-profit investigative newsroom. © WNYC Studios

120 - The Business of Silence
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  • 120 - The Business of Silence

    Trump has long worked to enforce silence. And he’s been trying to take the practice to the White House.

    Wed, 03 Oct 2018
  • 119 - Elliott Broidy's All-Access Pass

    Our podcast investigation is back — and this time we’re looking at more than just the president’s family.  

    Wed, 26 Sep 2018
  • 118 - Two Convictions That Shook Trump-World

    In April, we published an investigation into Michael Cohen’s past. That episode traced how so many of Cohen’s associates over the years have been convicted of crimes, disbarred or faced other legal troubles.

    But — at the time of the episode — the president’s former lawyer had himself never been convicted, or even accused of a crime.

    Well, it’s time for an update.

    Cohen pleaded guilty Tuesday to eight felony counts, including tax fraud, lying to a bank and campaign finance violations. The same hour he was pleading guilty in a New York courthouse, a federal jury some 200 miles away found another former Trump aide guilty: Paul Manafort, the erstwhile campaign chairman. Also eight counts. Also bank and tax fraud. Though the jury couldn’t reach a final verdict on 10 other counts.

    Trump, Inc. podcast co-hosts Andrea Bernstein and Ilya Marritz  sat down with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer for a live radio segment to break down the action. And we’re posting it here for you. Enjoy.    

    And keep an eye on your podcast feeds, because season two of Trump, Inc. is coming your way in September! Sign up to the notified.

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018
  • 117 - Manafort, Inc.

    Paul Manafort was Donald Trump’s campaign chairman for three critical months in 2016, leading up to the Republican Convention. But for a decade before that, he did political work in Ukraine. And it's the money Manafort made from that work that is now under the microscope in a Virginia courtroom. Manafort stands accused of tax fraud and bank fraud in the first case in the Mueller investigation to go to trial. Allegedly, Manafort set up secret offshore bank accounts, took in tens of millions of dollars, and avoided the Internal Revenue Service. And later, when the work in Ukraine dried up, and he was short of cash, Manafort allegedly lied to banks to get loans. Trump, Inc.'s Ilya Marritz and Andrea Bernstein dissect the trial's opening with Franklin Foer, a staff writer at The Atlantic who profiled Manafort in his article The Plot Against America

    Thu, 02 Aug 2018
  • 116 - Government Employees Spend Your Money at Trump Hotels

    Tracking the money that goes to the president from political campaigns and taxpayers.

    Thu, 28 Jun 2018
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