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Mark Simone, weekdays from 10 to Noon on 710 WOR

3256 - Mark Interviews Best-Selling Author Ann Coulter
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  • 3256 - Mark Interviews Best-Selling Author Ann Coulter

    Ann and Mark discuss the democrats unending need to talk about former President Trump. They don't have anything in their party to talk about so they keep turning to Trump. First it was the impeachments, then it was the January 6th hearings, now it's the FBI raid.

    Wed, 10 Aug 2022 - 11min
  • 3255 - Hour 2: Steve Bannon appeared on the Alex Jones show and said he wouldn't doubt that the Dems would go as far as assassinating Trump.

    Why haven't any recent democratic presidents been investigated like Donald Trump? Ann Coulter Interview: Ann and Mark say the constant harassment of former President Trump is helping his 2024 election possibilities

    Wed, 10 Aug 2022 - 35min
  • 3254 - Hour 1: Trump Raid has backfired against the Democrats

    Mayor Adams can't handle the pressure being laid on him from Gov. Abbott sending undocumented immigrants to NYC Rhonda Sheer Interview: Rhonda tells Mark she got the creeps when she heard the FBI agents were going through Melania's underwear drawer

    Wed, 10 Aug 2022 - 31min
  • 3253 - Mark's 11:00 am Monologue

    The democrats are giving the 2024 election to former President Trump with their constant harassments. How did former President Obama become a billionaire? Congestion Pricing is on it's way, get your wallets ready.

    Wed, 10 Aug 2022 - 16min
  • 3252 - Mark Interviews former Late Night Host Rhonda Shear

    Rhonda tells Mark instead of hiring 87,000 new IRS agents the government should hire 87,000 school security guards. Rhonda was creeped out when she thought of FBI agents going through Melania's underwear drawer.

    Wed, 10 Aug 2022 - 10min
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