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American Thought Leaders

American Thought Leaders

Jan Jekielek

At a time when our nation is portrayed as increasingly polarized, media often ignore viewpoints and stories that are worthy of attention. American Thought Leaders, hosted by The Epoch Times Senior Editor Jan Jekielek, features in-depth discussions with some of America’s most influential thought leaders on pertinent issues facing our nation today.

1580 - Is ESG Illegal?: Kevin Stocklin on the New 'High Priests of Society' Transforming Corporate America
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  • 1580 - Is ESG Illegal?: Kevin Stocklin on the New 'High Priests of Society' Transforming Corporate America

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    “The genius of the ESG movement—and we have to recognize how clever this movement actually is—is they are able to find the pressure points. And so they’re able to find who can we go to to essentially get leverage over these companies.”

    In this episode, I sit down with Kevin Stocklin, writer and producer of "The Shadow State," an EpochTV documentary that investigates the industry of environmental, social, and corporate governance, also known as ESG.

    “If you're a farmer, you pretty much have to dance to their tune. And they have gone out and they've said to their farmers as a result of the ESG movement, ‘This is what we want you to do. This is how we want you to produce. These are the processes that we want you to follow if you're going to sell to us,’” says Mr. Stocklin. “It's the banking industry, it's the asset management industry, and it's the insurance industry. And if you can get these folks on board, you can control everything else.”

    How does the ESG mechanism work? Who are the players involved? And is there a way to push back?

    “We're starting to see the power that private industry has to control us in a way that, in the West at least, the governments legally can't do,” says Mr. Stocklin.

    He explains how ESG is both an industry and an ideology. Put simply, it is a way to use consumer money to impose a progressive agenda on the private sector in America.

    “Even though it's our money that's funding the whole thing, they basically are the ones that have the votes, and they're able to put pressure on companies to essentially do what they want them to do,” says Mr. Stocklin.

    Sat, 16 Sep 2023 - 58min
  • 1579 - Angela Wulbrecht: A Nurse’s Journey Through Vaccine Injury to Becoming a Voice for the Injured

    "Within 12 minutes of getting my vaccine, I was on the ground. This warmth kind of took over my body. I became numb. I started shaking uncontrollably. I felt like something really bad was going on. At first, I thought maybe I'm having an anaphylactic reaction. So, the paramedics were surrounding me. I had all these people there that were taking my vitals. My vitals were extremely unstable. My blood pressure was so high, I could have stroked out. My heart rate was really high. And things went downhill from there, and I eventually was taken away by ambulance to the hospital. And that was the first of, I think, five 911 calls—five hospitalizations."

    At the age of eight, Angela Wulbrecht already knew she would become a nurse. A serious car crash had brought her to the emergency room, where she was treated by especially kind and compassionate medical staff, profoundly inspiring her. She has worked in the hospital system for over two decades.

    "I was really looking forward to this vaccine coming out when the clinical trials were done and they told us they were safe and effective. I believed every single bit of that as truth. I never questioned anything, and so I rushed to go and get my vaccine," says Ms. Wulbrecht.

    But after suffering a severe injury from the shot, her view started to change. She received excellent medical care, but became appalled to see that others weren’t getting the same. Today she works for the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, where she advocates for her vaccine-injured patients and friends.

    "My whole perception of these people caring for us and putting us first and putting our health and safety first was not that. And that there was maybe, potentially, greed and money and power that came before what actually was happening to us," says Ms. Wulbrecht.

    Thu, 14 Sep 2023 - 48min
  • 1578 - Jacob Siegel (Part 2): Pandemic Censorship and the Technocratic Betrayal of the American Voter

    "The single most—I would say—significant whole-of-society initiative carried out by the counter-disinformation enterprise was the 2020 Election Integrity Partnership."

    In part two of my interview with Jacob Siegel, senior editor at Tablet Magazine, we dive deeper into technocratic information control, exploring how the Election Integrity Partnership and U.S. agencies colluded with media and Big Tech to socially engineer the populace—using anti-democratic means.

    "We need to permanently end the relationship between the federal government and the technology sector as it exists now," says Mr. Siegel, who argues that the censorship enterprise is operating on the China model, having adopted the Chinese Communist Party's methods of surveillance and social control.

    "The danger is that in competing with China, we’d become like China. And that's what has been happening so far," says Mr. Siegel.

    Thu, 14 Sep 2023 - 43min
  • 1577 - Jacob Siegel (Part 1): 'Disinformation' Warfare: A New Weapon of Mass Destruction

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    "You couldn't find a hundred people in Washington D.C. who could meaningfully talk to you about disinformation in 2014. Now, of course, there's a dozen of them in every room that you enter, because there's so much money and so much government power behind it."

    Jacob Siegel is senior editor at Tablet Magazine, where he published “A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century: Thirteen ways of looking at disinformation,” which documents the brave new information world we find ourselves in today.

    "They're claiming the right to all of it—that anything that goes through your mind is now something that needs to be policed for public safety and national security reasons," says Mr. Siegel.

    In this comprehensive two-part interview, we discuss how the concept of “disinformation” became a tool of deception, in which technocratic officials manufacture consensus and wage a “counterinsurgency”-style war on truth that has, according to Mr. Siegel, deranged our public discourse.

    "Whatever you think of Donald Trump, it's not democratic, by any stretch of the imagination, to lead a bureaucratic, ruling-class coup against a legitimately elected president. That may be many things, but democracy it is not," says Mr. Siegel.

    We also discuss "cognitive infrastructure" and "predictive analysis"—Orwellian concepts that have now become standard articles of speech in the American official class.

    "The illusion was that if only you could give the machines enough information, they could tell you what was coming next. But of course, that only works if you get rid of these silly privacy laws and these silly constitutional protections that would prevent you from feeding all the data in," says Mr. Siegel.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 - 53min
  • 1576 - Nobel Laureate John Clauser: There Is No Climate Emergency; Climate Models Miss One Key Variable

    All the major climate models fail to address the complexities of one key variable, says Nobel laureate John Clauser. He won the 2022 Nobel Prize in physics for his contributions to quantum mechanics.

    Mr. Clauser was one of two Nobel laureates to recently sign a declaration organized by the Clintel Foundation alongside 1,600 other scientists and professionals, stating “there is no climate emergency.”

    In this episode, Mr. Clauser breaks down why he considers the major climate models to be flawed, and why he believes America’s climate policies are wasteful, misguided, and counterproductive.

    Wed, 06 Sep 2023 - 1h 03min
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