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The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole


Join Garry Lyon and Tim Watson as they catch up each week, head down the Rabbit Hole and explore their passions away from football and sport, with irreverent takes pop culture, current trends and hobbies.

16 - THE RABBIT HOLE - Episode 15
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  • 16 - THE RABBIT HOLE - Episode 15

    2.30 – Discussion on your scent - What cologne do you use?   7.30 – Greetings - How do you answer a phone - How to do greet somebody you haven’t seen for a while - Tim explained an awkward exchange from yesterday, with Libbi Gore - Garry thought it was someone he knew better than he did - Male handshake – the American styled grip has come in   15.00 – Comfort food - Veggie soup, toasted ham cheese tomato with the crust cut off, dunkable biscuit - what are the best dunking biscuits   22.00 – The earthquake - Tim slept through it - Garry woke up in a state of confusion   27.00 – Milestones - Steele Sidebottom injury on his 300th - Garry’s 200th – pulled out the night before – he flew up, there was a banner, but his back was no good - Tim did a hamstring in his 300th   30.00 – Teammates - Garry spoke about playing with Brian Wilson   37.00 – Farming, for Kubota - Garry got his chainsaw fixed - Tim’s tips for rural people and their woodsplitters - Going electric on the farm   40.00 – Quick Fire Rabbit Holes – for TJM - Hawks investigation - How long since you’ve been overseas - NBA finals

    Wed, 31 May 2023
  • 15 - RECAP - When Saddam was captured

    Hear Garry tell the story when he was hosting the TODAY show on the morning when Saddam Hussein was captured. The Rabbit Hole will be back next week!

    Sun, 28 May 2023
  • 14 - THE RABBIT HOLE - Episode 14

    0.30 – Welcome – discussion about Garry’s trip to Cobram Estate - Garry now an expert on Olive Oil - Eric Bana, Dylan Buckley, Brendon Fevola all went along - Nick Riewoldt hosted 12.00 – The plane trip - There was an incident at the Essendon airport – Tim worried for Garry! 16.00 – Flying interstate to footy games for broadcasts - MMM used to get their own chartered flight - Huddo jumped in with MMM one day as his wife was in labour! 18.00 – The Chimp Empire - A show that Garry and Tim are watching on Netflix 23.00 – Chat about tyres and cars 28.00 – Big Bills House - Garry’s story about The Footy Show, where they did the ‘Big Bills House’ skit - Warwick Capper entered – Garry had to impersonate him 35.00 – Sam’s gift to Garry for his 40th - They went to Vegas – Sam kept a diary and gave it to Garry when they got home 40.00 – FARMING, for Kubota - Starting a fire - Process of collecting wood - Garry nearly burnt down the Mornington Peninsula national park - Have a fire safety plan 45.00 – Quick Fire Rabbit Holes, for TJM - Do you dress to impress? - Charlotte Hornets value going down for not getting pick #1

    Thu, 18 May 2023
  • 13 - THE RABBIT HOLE - Episode 13

    0.30 – Tim went to a funeral yesterday - If Tim passes before Garry, Tim is happy to allocate a 10 minute spot for Garry at the funeral - Wants Garry to start sombre and heavy, but then bring them home with a big laugh at the end - Garry says it’s one of the great signs of respect to go to a funeral 9.00 – Garry’s neighbours - The lady downstairs is a pianist - She plays at 9:30pm – too late for Garry 10.45 – How many ‘besties’ do you have? - Tim says it started big, but now about 3 - If you can get through life with 3 or 4, you’ve done well 14.00 – Moods - Garry and Tim know each other’s moods well 23.00 – Garry story re: staying at Ian Dicker’s place in Aspen with Hutchy 30.00 – Massages - Tim has often seen a masseuse since playing footy 38.00 – Mark Cuban re: NBA players checking their phone at half time - Played audio from a TED Talk interview he did 46.00 – Stories about coaches - Denis Pagan, Slug Jordan 47.00 – Famring, for Kubota - Update on Garry’s mower 50.00 – Quick Fire Rabbit Holes - Robert De Niro has his seventh child at 79 years of age - Blue Wiggle wants to buy the Wests Tigers - Jacob Van Rooyen tribunal

    Thu, 11 May 2023
  • 12 - THE RABBIT HOLE - Episode 12

    1 minute – Stories about Dwayne Russell The way he tests his mic before on air for Fox Footy And the caffeine he consumes during a match 4 minutes – Cologne Tim is trying a new cologne today Leaving reviews for items you’ve brought (cologne, clothing) 11 minutes – Ferreting The excitement of it – not a kid in the world that wouldn’t enjoy it 12 minutes – Tim’s enjoyment for matchmaking shows Farmer Wants A Wife, Indian Match Maker, MAFS 17 minutes – Using Google to fix things Garry used it to help fix his chainshaw 20 minutes – ‘All Modesty Aside’ Tim told the story about his Escort Cup goal, leaping over the pack 27 minutes – Tim re: junior trip to Ireland Coached by Don Scott Spoke about Don Scott’s old school coaching tactics The double agent in the side – an Irish man who gave all their tactics to the Irish team 38 minutes – Farming, for Kubota Tim’s leaking dam 45 – Quick Fire Rabbit Holes, for TJM The MET Gala Giannis Antetokounmpo re: success or failed season Measuring success Anthony Albanese and Kyle Sandilands wedding

    Wed, 03 May 2023
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