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The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole


Join Garry Lyon and Tim Watson as they catch up each week, head down the Rabbit Hole and explore their passions away from football and sport, with irreverent takes pop culture, current trends and hobbies.

43 - S2 Ep 8 - Non-negotiable life skills
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  • 43 - S2 Ep 8 - Non-negotiable life skills

    Gather Round Tim’s trip home from the Barossa Blown tyre – Tim explains why he let Bucks help change it rather than doing it himself Garry’s simple fix to when he has to kill time after checking out from a hotel The saltiness from people that didn’t go to Gather Round When media gather, it’s an interesting environment! What are the non-negotiable skills you must learn to do by the time you’re 18? Change a tyre, back a trailer, unblock a sink, replace a toilet seat, clean the gutters, fix a flywire screen, clean the fireplace, check the oil on your car Where did you learn to drive? Stories of getting your licence Driving to games Importance of sleep Tim recently heard a theory that perhaps the idea of an 8-hour sleep is overrated? And a recipe from Tim for Cobram Estate Olive Oil Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Wed, 10 Apr 2024
  • 42 - S2 Ep 7 - Always offer to pay

    Easter Lunch - Tim perfecting cooking on coals  What are the rules on bringing or buying when attending a lunch? - Garry says always offer to pay 10.50 - Garry’s cancelled lunch in Adelaide, Tim’s itinerary for Friday's lunch 13.20 - Reflecting on Garry's 150th and Tim’s 300th games that fell on the same day 14.48 - memories of playing in Adelaide and state games against South Australia  21.30 - Garry discusses the treatment he undertook for his back, including the magnetic therapy from the magnet man Dick Wicks 27.50 - Garry discovering and watching Get Smart on TV the other day 31.40 - Rules on sharing farm equipment 38.19 - Reflecting on the Jackjumpers NBL championship win  39.20 - How good is Lachie Neale?  40.20 - Injuries and Tim’s idea to see how many games are missed by the "best 23" of a team using percentage  42.09 - Getting dinner for Talking Footy and The Couch 46.15 - Garry working with Matt Hill and Jack Riewoldt and the advice he gives for new commentators Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Wed, 03 Apr 2024
  • 41 - S2 Ep 6 - Those were the days

    Recognition for Garry Named most popular sports breakfast presenter in Australia Tim’s school reunion Stayed with his old mate, Boy Gooding He walked the old track that he used to walk to primary school Tim went through a few nostalgic stories Tim used to live next door to the local undertaker – and they were all scared of him! Garry and Tim chat about kicking the footy in the backyard growing up T Dollar and G Money make their return this week Replayed 3 songs from years gone by Build up to their return on the Breakfast show Footy Clinics Garry remembers the footy clinics he used to do with Spud Some funny Spud stories Andrew Plympton’s passing Tim had a great story about the unconventional way Plympton approached Tim to coach the Saints Great response to our chat with Sharnelle Vella last week Which guests would you like to hear on the show? How can you measure competitive stamina? Garry says he’d take competitiveness nearly over any other attribute in a player  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Wed, 27 Mar 2024
  • 40 - S2 Ep 5 - We have an exclusive!

    1984 Premiership Reunion Presenting the number 32 to Ben McKay Re-capping the Grand Final, the fight in the game Dermott’s role in the day An issue Tim has had to deal with since moving to Peninsula Less privacy in the backyard, which has caused some issues Jim Stynes 12 years ago today since his passing Garry told stories about Jim Stynes Re-capped a story he told at Jim’s funeral INTERVIEW – SHARNELLE VELLA; Ch 7 State Political Reporter Her path to her role now Told some great stories about jobs she had while putting in the hours to chase her dream One job was to carry a journalists handbag while the journalist did interviews! Her parents still watch every night – and they time it! She gave us an exclusive – told us the story about when Mal Brown sprayed her! She was rapt to get the lead story! She was involved with the stake outs at James Hird’s house – they were there so often that they knew the neighbours’ movements There was a day when she got a good 3 minute chat out of Hird … One of the only times he spoke properly… And the cameraman didn’t hit record! They were at Hird’s house so often than a cameraman used to water his front lawn It was respectful between Hird and the reporters – Hird understood it but it was uncomfortable for everyone She has snuck victims out of courts to avoid media before We don’t have an opposition government in this town! They are just not unified – that’s the crux of the problem. There’s one team out on the field playing the game, the opposition is still in the rooms planning Why she loves politics and reporting on it On Dan Andrews – could get up in front of crowds and present without flinching, he’s an incredible political figure, he was ruthless and cut throat The way the state has been left, in some ways, is shameful Other discussion points Worst thing you can do on a footy field Protesters FOOD for Cobram Estate Olive Oil Sweet Potato chips Garry’s food tip – download the YUKA app  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Tue, 19 Mar 2024
  • 39 - S2 Ep 4 - We're routine guys

    Routine - Garry is a routine guy, with everything he does  - Last week Garry and Tim travelled for the footy – and it made Tim anxious, totally interrupted his routine! - And Garry had a bloke playing a didgeridoo in the Uber to the GABBA!  - Garry stresses when he is not in control  Which job would you like to have? - Garry would love to mow the lawns at the tan Footy chat - Round 1 memories - 1984 Essendon premiership – Tim’s memories  - Tim presenting number 32 jumper to Ben McKay this week – Garry gives him a few tips for what to say  Tim’s school reunion is coming up - He will stay with his old mate, Boy Gooding  - Needs to work out a way to watch the Swans vs. Ess game that night  Incidents between teams outside of game time - On the back of the Mason Cox story this week - Tim gave his perspective of Dermott Brereton running through the huddle in 1988 Sportspeople as actors - Tim has been watching a show with Eric Cantona  - Why didn’t Garry pursue acting on the back of House of Bulger?  - Garry spoke about the multiple times he has performed as Cher Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Tue, 12 Mar 2024
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