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Rock of Nations with Dave Kinchen & Shane McEachern

Rock of Nations with Dave Kinchen & Shane McEachern

Rock of Nations with Dave Kinc

This is the place for all things classic rock/metal/new wave/punk/post-punk/pop and more. Dave brings 20 years of music journalism to the program. Joined by Shane aka "The Vinyl Master", this team gets details in interviews you won't find anywhere else! The program has featured exclusive chats with classic members of Deep Purple, Genesis, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Van Halen, KISS, Quiet Riot, Blue Oyster Cult, Cinderella, Manowar and more. Hitmakers Desmond Child, Martin Page, and Bruce Sudano have also stopped by. Check for new shows and clips every week!

434 - #283 - The #KipWinger Interview
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  • 434 - #283 - The #KipWinger Interview

    The boys present an exclusive interview with #KipWinger who talks about his latest album #Seven, working with #AliceCooper and more!

    Sun, 28 May 2023 - 27min
  • 433 - #282 #RichieFaulkner Of #JudasPriest & #ElegantWeapons - Part 2

    Dave and Shane present the second installment of their interview with #JudasPriest guitarist #RichieFaulkner who talks about his new band #ElegantWeapons.

    Tue, 23 May 2023 - 27min
  • 432 - #281 Remembering #AndyRourke of #TheSmiths, #PeterGabriel Tours Again, #Scorpions Reissues & More!

    Dave and Shane talk about some of the biggest stories in rock as of late, beginning with the shocking death of legendary #TheSmiths bassist #AndyRourke.

    Fri, 19 May 2023 - 42min
  • 431 - We’ve been waiting for you…

    We’ve been waiting for you…

    Wed, 17 May 2023 - 00min
  • 430 - #Buckcherry’s #JoshTodd On New Album #Vol10 And Personal Pressures Of Rockstar Life (Preview)

    #Buckcherry’s #JoshTodd dropped by for a chat about the band’s new music and weighed in on the personal battles that can come with the rock n roll lifestyle.

    Tue, 16 May 2023 - 06min
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