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People are seeing something in the woods and there are too many reports for this to be ignored. Join us every Sunday night as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. Listen as we speak with researchers, witnesses and investigators to unravel the mystery of Bigfoot. Every week we will also bring you the latest Bigfoot news and information. Additional episodes and exclusive content can be found on our website www.sasquatchchronicles.com. Become a Member today and receive access to additional exclusive shows posted weekly, our full back catalog of episodes, the ability to comment on Episodes and Blog entries, and access to our Forums. For the latest news, please visit our Blog. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

588 - SC EP:922 Those Monkeys Are Back
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  • 588 - SC EP:922 Those Monkeys Are Back

    Tonight I will be speaking to two brothers that were hunting near Crater Lake in Oregon. They had a scary night walking down the center of the highway while two creatures were screaming and growling at them. The brothers ended up in a defensive position back to back and started shooting.

    We will also be speaking to Jeff. Jeff said “When I was around 11 years old I went to visit my grandmother. She was at the beginning stages of dementia. My grandmother said “Oh those monkeys are back” as she looked out the window. No one in my family listened to her because they thought she was losing it.

    My cousin and I walked over to the window and there was three creatures walking in the creek bed. There was two that were upright walking on two legs and a little one wrapped around one of them. The creature in the front was bigger then the one behind him by at least a foot. The third one was small and hanging off of the creature in the back.

    I remember being in shock and telling my uncle to come look but he just said “They are just bears.” At that young age I knew this was not bears. It wasn’t until later in life I saw the Patterson-Gimlin film and realized that is what I saw that day.”

    Sat, 28 Jan 2023 - 55min
  • 587 - SC EP:920 A Monkey In The Barn

    Josh writes “I live in Western KY. Almost all the encounters happened within 5 miles of each other, several on the same property. I’d be more than happy to share my experiences. I’m not seeking fame, I just want to get these out there so other researchers can use the info to help them.”

    Spoke to Josh and he shared over 20 years of sightings on his uncles property. Josh said “The first time my uncle was clearing trees off his property and I heard what sounded like a lion roaring. I heard it over all of the equipment we had running. I remember feeling like I was being watched and my uncle had this old barn on the property that had the roof falling in. I looked over and saw this….monkey a very large monkey standing in the doorway watching me. This wasn’t the only time I had run into these things. I really did not know what it was at the time.

    Sat, 21 Jan 2023 - 53min
  • 586 - SC EP:918 The Beast Of The United Kingdom

    Tonight I will be speaking with Paul Sinclair. Paul is recognized within the field of unexplained phenomena for his honest no nonsense approach to the subject. He prefers to follow the research wherever that may lead, even if it means putting himself in locations and situations most people would not want to be in.

    Paul is currently working on a new documentary called Wolfland, about unusual cryptid sightings in the UK.


    Check out Pauls Youtube:


    Sat, 14 Jan 2023 - 1h 06min
  • 585 - SC EP:916 The Butter Street Monster

    Tonight I will be speaking to Leslie and she had an encounter in the early 1980's in SE Ohio. The locals called the creature in that area "The Butter Street Monster." I will also be speaking to John. John had an encounter on a jobsite in 1992 in PA. read the full encounters here https://sasquatchchronicles.com/sc-ep916-the-butter-street-monster/

    Fri, 06 Jan 2023 - 59min
  • 584 - SC EP:915 Why Is That Guy Running?

    Drew writes "I had an encounter with a Sasquatch 6 years ago in the Navy while on leave back home in Arkansas duck hunting. Visual sighting then what I assume was the animal in the woods about 2 hours later while hunting.

    I remember the encounter vividly and it could have only been two things a large full grown naked African American male or a Sasquatch . I was not a “Sasquatch” hardcore believer previous to this but after the encounter I spent weeks racking my brain to come to the conclusion that the most likely case was that it HAD to be a Sasquatch.”

    Spoke to the witness and he said “I saw what I thought was a guy running across this open field. I was going to my area where I duck hunt. I stopped the truck and sat there watching this “guy” and I was shocked how fast he was running. There are large ditches in this area and he ran up and down those ditches like it was nothing. I thought it was weird but I thought it was just some guy. I got to the area where I duck hunt and I could not stop thinking about what I saw. Whatever I saw must have followed me there. It still bothers me.”

    Sun, 25 Dec 2022 - 43min
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