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The Ted and Austin Broer Show - MP3 Edition

The Ted and Austin Broer Show - MP3 Edition


The Ted and Austin Broer Show features a wide variety of important topics including health, news and more

4448 - 06-25-24
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  • 4448 - 06-25-24

    Episode 2310 - How is the presidential debate going to be different from all years prior? -How much information is going to be censored? -EV market is a joke. -What did Ron Paul say about the missile strike? -Why are British kids getting fatter, shorter and sicker? -Will eating meat cause you to live to be 100 years old? -Are people still having problems and side effects from the COVID shot? -Texas appeals the firearm silencer law in U.S Court???? -Are the Covid shot lawsuits going to be turned away by Supreme Court? -Why does Crohn’s disease seem to becoming a more serious issue? -A little town in Colorado bands a church from using the amphitheater. -Will turmeric and GHI cleanse help someone that has a lot of inflammation?

    Tue, 25 Jun 2024 - 59min
  • 4447 - 06-24-24

    Episode 2309 - Is diet related to acne? -Why the government is against raw milk? -Why did a man and a woman flood the internet with marriage proposal? Will this Archbishop be excommunicated? -Make sure your life is aligned with the word of God. -Mass amount of fentanyl coming over the border. -An emissions free Ford truck is available for government, military and other countries. -Why are there so many food additives that are processed and approved in our food sources? -Disney is exposed for not hiring white males. -How many birds or livestock are going to be killed or locked down because of bird flu? -What cases does the U.S. Supreme Court have to deal with? Great show lot of humor . Must listen!

    Mon, 24 Jun 2024 - 58min
  • 4446 - 06-21-24

    Episode 2308 - Five minute delay on show start due to internet outage. Car Dealership hacked inventory and price increases. -Disney and its indoctrination. -Why do they want us to mass test our livestock for bird flu? -How do the globalists control the narrative? -Keep your immune system strong. -Why are crimes not being recorded? -How is America being destroyed from the inside out? -Stand your ground -CoQ10 and its benefits. Plus much more!

    Fri, 21 Jun 2024 - 53min
  • 4445 - 06-20-24

    Episode 2307 - Why are the drug prices used for cancer super high? -Who runs the pharmaceutical industry? -Be careful of the music you put in your mind and what you see. -Deficiency of vitamin D is huge in every age bracket. -Can resveratrol benefit the cardiovascular system? -Why should there be no dual citizenship allowed in political positions? -Why is CoQ10 so important in the body? High energy must listen show!

    Thu, 20 Jun 2024 - 58min
  • 4444 - 06-19-24

    Episode 2306 - Will pfizer get in trouble with lawsuit? -If they tell the lie long enough and big enough will you actually believe it? -Why does Germany encourages the girls to walk in groups? -Is the goal of the rMNA shots to change our genes? -Do they have men behavior changing programs? -Are 1 in 4 pregnant women deficient in omega 3s? -How many cows are they going to slaughter due to bird flu? -How much of our weather is manipulated? -Do you need medication for high cholesterol?

    Wed, 19 Jun 2024 - 58min
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