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The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett


A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, at 18 I built an industry leading social media marketing company, and at 27 I resigned as CEO. At 28 I co-founded Flight Story – a marketing and communications company, and thirdweb - a software platform, making it easy to build web3 applications. I then launched private equity fund, Flight Fund, to accelerate the next generation of European unicorns. During this time I decided to launch 'The Diary Of A CEO' podcast with the simple mission of providing an unfiltered journey into the remarkable stories and untold dimensions of the world’s most influential people, experts and thinkers. Thank you for listening. My New Book: IG: LI:

537 - Wim Hof: They’re Lying To You About Disease & Inflammation!
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  • 537 - Wim Hof: They’re Lying To You About Disease & Inflammation!

    Beating sickness and bearing the elements, these are just 2 of the evolutionary powers The Iceman says we can all unlock Wim Hof is a Dutch extreme sports athlete and multiple Guinness World Record holder who is best known for his ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures. He is also the author of the best-selling book, ‘The Wim Hof Method’.  In this conversation, Wim and Steven discuss topics such as, how he supercharged his immune system, the trauma of his wife’s death, the top 3 techniques for breathing, and how the cold helps you uncover your true self.  (00:00) Intro (01:50) What is Wim's Mission (04:13) Society's problems in the modern day (05:45) The impact of the Wim Hof Method (08:34) We need more discomfort, we've engineered out discomfort (10:06) When did this start for Wim (13:35) Your first experience with cold water (14:25) What spiritual questions did the cold water answer? (15:20) Being outside of society (17:01) What is a life force (19:15) Why don't we believe in ourselves? (21:46) Falling in love (26:46) Dealing with the grief of losing loved ones (29:57) Telling your children their mother has passed (31:32) The power of breathing exercises (38:50) Breathing exercises unlock trauma (49:22) Controlling stress through breathing (54:09) Fighting off a virus with your mind (57:00) Modern healing does not serve us (01:01:19) Teaching Steven the method (01:10:14) Where did Wim learn the method (01:11:10) The power of the mind (01:15:48) How do you train someone to stop becoming a victim of their mind? (01:18:09) The ice bath (01:23:34) Back to the studio (01:27:15) Seeking discomfort (01:29:23) Wim's routine (01:35:45) How do you find your purpose? (01:39:26) Last question Please speak to your doctor or physician ahead of attempting any type of extreme cold water treatment and only partake in a safe, controlled environment under expert guidance Follow Wim:  Instagram -  Twitter -  You can purchase Wim’s book, ‘The Wim Hof Method’, here:    For more information on the Wim Hoff Method, please visit Thank you to Urban Ice Tribe for supplying the ice baths. You can purchase one here:  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Shopify: PerfectTed - Code: DIARY10 at checkout for 10% off Uber: Colgate - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Mon, 24 Jun 2024
  • 536 - Moment 167: 6 Foods You MUST Eat To HEAL Your GUT!: Dr Will Bulsiewicz

    In this moment, the world-renowned gut-health expert Dr Will Bulsiewicz discusses the relationship between your gut health and overall well-being, including your mental and physical health. According to Dr Will, our gut is like a muscle that we can strengthen by eating a range of diverse superfoods such as leafy vegetables, legumes, and fruit. These high-fibre foods can supercharge your immune system by boosting the production of short-chain fatty acids, lower your cholesterol levels, and stabilise your bowel movements. The benefits of creating a diverse gut microbiome aren't exclusive to you, but in fact, your microbes are later inherited by your children, influencing their future health. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Dr Will: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Fri, 21 Jun 2024
  • 535 - "Casual Sex Is Almost Always Dangerous For Women!" This Is What Casual Sex Is Really Doing To Women - Louise Perry

    Has feminism failed women? Louise Perry uncovers the truth about sexual liberation  Louise Perry is a British journalist and host of the ‘Maiden Mother Matriarch’ podcast. She is also press officer for the charity, ‘We Can’t Consent To This’ and author of the book, ‘The Case Against The Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century’.  In this conversation, Louise and Steven discuss topics such as, the dangers of casual sex for women, why you should trust your ‘icks’, how dating apps are making men lonely, and the truth about sex on a first date.  You can purchase Louise’s book, ‘The Case Against The Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century’, here:  (0:00) Intro (01:42) What are you trying to achieve?? (03:45) What does society disagree with you on? (04:21) The trade-offs of the contraceptive pill (05:30) How has sexual culture changed? (06:59) Working in a rape crisis centre (09:49) How to channel men's aggression in the right direction (11:59) The physical differences between men and women (13:28) How men and women differ in their view on sexuality (14:58) Why men are more likely to have casual sex (17:59) How does a culture of casual sex impact women (23:31) Repercussions of casual sex in society (28:54) The lack of communication and education is hurting both genders (31:18) Why women have icks towards men (33:30) Women should listen to their icks (38:10) Women's 6th sense (41:02) There are some jobs women shouldn't do due to biology (46:44) Heroic masculinity (48:22) Social media affecting our view on relationships & dating (50:54) Wait until engagement to have sex (56:11) The dating crisis (01:00:41) Why you should have sex before marriage (01:03:29) Why is marriage good (01:07:33) How likely you're to get divorced (01:11:02) Step-parents vs biological parents (01:14:47) Why are you saying these unpopular opinions (01:19:50) The decline in birth rates (01:25:16) What porn is doing to your brain (01:30:16) Is reproduction at the heart of male motivation? (01:31:03) Unwanted choking during sex (01:33:24) Should we ban porn? (01:40:36) What are we attracted to? (01:44:50) Better looking people bias (01:48:05) The last guest's question Follow Louise:  Twitter -  YouTube -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:  Sponsors: Colgate - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Thu, 20 Jun 2024
  • 534 - Simon Sinek: "Strong Thigh Muscles = More friends", This Is Why You Can't Make Friends!

    An optimist’s guide for fighting the loneliness epidemic taking over the world Simon Sinek is a renowned leadership expert and the founder of ‘The Optimism Company’, which provides programmes for leadership development. He is also the best-selling author of the books, ‘Start With Why’, ‘Leaders Eat Last’, ‘The Infinite Game’, and ‘Find Your Why’.  In this conversation, Simon and Steven discuss topics such as, how loneliness impacts addiction, why people are struggling to make friends, the truth about TikTok and depression, and the link between thigh muscles and popularity.  (00:00) Intro (01:38) Simon's take on the times we are living in (05:04) We don't have strong role models anymore (10:06) Why isn't there demand for friendship therapy (12:53) What really is a friend (15:37) The most important metric for longevity (17:50) Have we lost the skill of making friends? (21:46) Why national service is so important (30:24) The importance of belief (36:05) Remote connection vs in person (38:57) Is the office outdated? (43:47) The importance of acts of service (45:41) Is the rise of individualism hurting us? (49:05) What direction should young people be directing their life towards (51:34) Andrew Tate's approach validating young people (53:40) Are friendships the same as relationships? (57:53) Having our priorities wrong (01:12:31) What is Simon struggling with (01:17:17) Where does inspiration come from? (01:20:49) Techniques for public speaking (01:26:46) The difference between validation and insecurity (01:31:40) Companies misunderstand what service means (01:37:33) How to have those difficult conversations (01:45:03) We undervalue stories (01:49:10) Connecting with people (01:52:01) Last question You can purchase Simon’s book, ‘The Infinite Game’, here:  Follow Simon:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now -  Follow me:  Sponsors: NordVPN: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Colgate - Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Mon, 17 Jun 2024
  • 533 - Moment 166: What Men (& Women) NEED To Know About The Menstrual Cycle: Dr Mindy Pelz

    In this moment, nutritionist and functional health expert, Dr. Mindy Pelz gives the information that every man needs to hear about menstrual cycles in order to better understand the females in their life: The menstrual and reproductive cycle lasts from 28 - 32 days (this varies from female to female) Day 1 - 10, is when a female is building oestrogen, Mindy says that for the first 2 days is the best time to give the female’s of your life some space. Afterwards they will be more present and outgoing. Day 12/13, is when oestrogen is at it’s peak in the female body and is the best time to resolve any conflict Day 10 - 15, is when ovulation happens and is when a female’s libido is highest, after Day 15, there is a crash of hormones which can lead to feeling low Day 17/18 is when progesterone starts to come in and is the time to be particularly nice and caring to the female’s in your life until the cycle begins again Mindy says that understanding the patterns of the female menstrual cycle, can create large amounts of empathy, and men can change their behaviour to help the females in their life as best they can. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Dr Mindy: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Fri, 14 Jun 2024
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