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State of the Union

State of the Union


Hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, State of the Union features interviews with top newsmakers on politics and policy—covering Washington, the country, and the world.

538 - Interviews with: US Israeli Ambassador Michael Herzog, US Senator Chris Murphy, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Presidential Candidate Chris Christie
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  • 538 - Interviews with: US Israeli Ambassador Michael Herzog, US Senator Chris Murphy, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Presidential Candidate Chris Christie

    First, Dana is joined by US Israeli Ambassador Michael Herzog amid questions about the remaining hostages and the future of the temporary truce between Hamas and Israel.   Then, with some hostages finally being released and able to reunite with their loved ones, Dana is joined by the family of some hostages who were freed this as part of the deal between Israel and Hamas. Then, more Israeli hostages are set to come home if the shaky pause in the Israel-Hamas war holds another day. What are we learning about the release of Americans? National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan joins Dana. Also, President Biden touts the Israel-Hamas truce, but what happens when the four days are up? US Senator Chris Murphy joins Dana exclusively. Plus, as foreign policy dominates US politics, one Republican candidate makes his case. Is there an alternative approach to taking on Trump? Dana is joined by 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate Chris Christie to discuss. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Sun, 26 Nov 2023
  • 537 - Interviews with: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer

    First, Deputy National Security Adviser Jon Finer joins Jake to discuss the state of negotiations to free hostages being held by Hamas. Next, with just 2 months until voters weigh-in, a new Iowa rivalry heats up. Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis is all in on Iowa, but will it pay off? Then, Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin talks to Jake about growing calls from Democrats for a ceasefire in Gaza. They also discuss a Colorado judge's ruling that former President Trump "engaged in insurrection" on January 6. Finally, facing political headwinds, President Joe Biden ramps up his attacks on former President Donald Trump. Will these criticisms be enough to sway voters opinions? Our panel is here to discuss. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Sun, 19 Nov 2023
  • 536 - Interviews with: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel

    First, Dana talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his first CNN interview since the Israel-Hamas war began. Dana presses him on growing pressure for Israel to limit civilian casualties, the effort to free the hostages being held by Hamas, and his refusal to take responsibility for the October 7 attacks.   Then, with US President Joe Biden expressing frustration at Israel’s reluctance to implementing humanitarian pauses inside Gaza and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying more needed to be done to keep civilians safe, Dana speaks with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to discuss the shift from the US in its approach to its close ally Israel.    Next, Dana sits down with RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to discuss her party’s disappointing election results and whether Republicans need to take a new approach to the abortion debate.   Finally, former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod and former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan join Dana to discuss a huge political week, including Sen. Joe Manchin’s announcement he won’t be seeking re-election in 2024, the possibility of a Trump/Biden rematch and how the third-party presidential lane could get crowded in 2024. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Sun, 12 Nov 2023
  • 535 - Interviews with: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Israeli UN Amb. Gilad Erdan

    First, Dana speaks with CNN’s Jeremy Diamond about what he saw inside Gaza embedded with Israeli forces.   Then, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders joins Dana to discuss calls by some Democrats for a ceasefire in Gaza, as well as a video by progressive Rep. Rashida Tlaib accusing President Biden of supporting genocide. Next, Dana speaks with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal about calls for a humanitarian pause in Gaza and their fears that Iran could seek to expand the conflict. Then, Dana speaks with Israel’s ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan, who wore a yellow Star of David on the UN floor to protest the UN’s inaction after Hamas’ attack. They also discuss the humanitarian situation inside Gaza and the sharp rise in antisemitic incidents around the world. Finally, CNN Political Commentator Karen Finney, Democratic Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett, former Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and CNN Political Commentator Kristen Soltis Anderson break down a new poll showing former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in several key battleground states. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Sun, 05 Nov 2023
  • 534 - Interviews with: US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Intelligence Committee Republican Sen. James Lankford, GOP Candidate Chris Christie

    Israel is extending its ground operations in Gaza. What will this mean for the region's future and the well-being of those held hostage by Hamas? Joining us on the show we have US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and insights from Intelligence Committee Republican Sen. James Lankford. A blackout occurred as Israel's barrage intensified, causing communication services in Gaza to be disrupted. With communication now getting restored, we provide an update on the latest developments from inside Gaza. The US House chooses a Speaker, and Mike Pence drops out. More signs of the Republican Party's embrace of former President Donald Trump. GOP Candidate Chris Christie offers his perspective on the situation. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Sun, 29 Oct 2023
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