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Deadline: White House

Deadline: White House

Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC

Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.

1556 - "Damaging to her soul"
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  • 1556 - "Damaging to her soul"

    Nicolle Wallace is joined by Sarah Longwell, Amy McGrath, David Jolly, Vaughn Hillyard, Frank Figliuzzi, Aric Toler, Dahlia Lithwick, Kimberly Atkins Stohr, Alicia Menendez, Charlie Sykes, Mara Gay, and Andy Kroll.

    Thu, 23 May 2024 - 1h 25min
  • 1555 - “Proud micromanager and cheapskate”

    Nicolle Wallace is joined by Yasmin Vossoughian, Andrew Weissmann, Harry Litman, Mini Timmaraju, Sarah Longwell, Marc Elias, Pete Strzok, Carol Leonnig, Brandon Van Grack, Vaughn Hillyard, Tim Heaphy, and James Comey.

    Wed, 22 May 2024 - 1h 32min
  • 1554 - “Ripped to shreds”

    Nicolle Wallace is joined by Andrew Weissmann, Susanne Craig, Lachlan Cartwright, Vaughn Hillyard, Claire McCaskill, Tim Heaphy, Harry Litman, David Kelley, Andrew Rice, Greg Bluestein, Amanda Carpenter, and Basil Smikle.

    Tue, 21 May 2024 - 1h 29min
  • 1553 - “Clear the courtroom”

    Nicolle Wallace is joined by Andrew Weissmann, Susanne Craig, Donny Deutsch, Vaughn Hillyard, Yasmin Vossoughian, Kristy Greenberg, Tim O’Brien, Jeremy Saland, and George Stephanopoulos.

    Mon, 20 May 2024 - 1h 33min
  • 1552 - “The mere appearance of bias”

    Nicolle Wallace is joined by Andrew Weissmann, Tim Heaphy, Dahlia Lithwick, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Igor Novikov, Kristy Greenberg, Lachlan Cartwright, George Grasso, Ronen Bergman, and Mark Mazzetti.

    Fri, 17 May 2024 - 1h 30min
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