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Prosecuting Donald Trump

Prosecuting Donald Trump


Veteran prosecutors Andrew Weissmann and Mary McCord discuss and dissect the cases against former President Donald Trump, including the historic indictments from the Manhattan D.A., Special Counsel Jack Smith and Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis.

100 - "The E-mail Speaks for Itself"
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  • 100 - "The E-mail Speaks for Itself"

    After a stinging cross of Costello by Hoffinger, a charging conference is held to decide jury instructions. And what closing arguments need to accomplish.

    Fri, 24 May 2024 - 48min
  • 99 - 130,000 Reasons

    The fine line between a mistake and a lie is one the jury has to draw, as testimony ends in the New York trial.

    Tue, 21 May 2024 - 50min
  • 98 - How do you Solve a Problem like Michael Cohen?

    Michael Cohen’s credibility is at the heart of Trump’s criminal trial. Plus: what the prosecution needs to address in redirect.

    Fri, 17 May 2024 - 51min
  • 97 - 'For the Benefit of Mr. Trump'

    Trump’s right-hand man takes the stand. Andrew and Mary break down the significance of Cohen’s testimony alongside the evidence.

    Wed, 15 May 2024 - 51min
  • 96 - It's Not About Sex

    Examining the finer points of Stormy Daniels’ testimony and cross-examination. And how to approach a mistrial motion.

    Fri, 10 May 2024 - 48min
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