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Prosecuting Donald Trump

Prosecuting Donald Trump


Veteran prosecutors Andrew Weissmann and Mary McCord discuss and dissect the cases against former President Donald Trump, including the historic indictments from the Manhattan D.A., Special Counsel Jack Smith and Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis.

40 - Removal, Recusal and Restrictions
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  • 40 - Removal, Recusal and Restrictions

    Special Counsel Jack Smith requests restrictions on Donald Trump’s public comments.

    Mon, 18 Sep 2023 - 36min
  • 39 - BONUS: Live from the 92nd Street Y

    We’re live at the 92nd Street Y in NYC with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace.

    Fri, 15 Sep 2023 - 1h 00min
  • 38 - Georgia in the Spotlight

    New developments in GA’s election interference case could spell more bad news for Donald Trump.

    Tue, 12 Sep 2023 - 34min
  • 37 - Live at Georgetown Law!

    We’re live at Georgetown Law! Andrew Weissmann and Mary McCord talk about the flurry of activity in Donald Trump’s GA case and take questions from the audience.

    Thu, 7 Sep 2023 - 59min
  • 36 - First Up: The DC Trial

    Key hearings in DC and Atlanta usher in the next phase of the criminal cases against Donald Trump and his co-defendants.

    Tue, 29 Aug 2023 - 35min
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