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1313 - Why Trump's Waco rally is a dog whistle for extremists
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  • 1313 - Why Trump's Waco rally is a dog whistle for extremists

    Guests: Rick Tyler, Mona Charen, Ben Collins, Rep. Robert Garcia, Cornell Belcher, Maya Wiley, Cynthia Alksne As Marjorie Taylor Greene's party tries to turn Trump's mob into martyrs, one of the Democrats who joined the Republicans on their field trip to a jail today joins live. Plus, after Trump warns of violence, the Manhattan district attorney receives a frightening threat. And new reporting that Trump's old chief of staff will have to testify in the Jan. 6 investigation.

    Sat, 25 Mar 2023 - 41min
  • 1312 - Trump reportedly fixated on idea of a perp walk

    Guests: Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Ryan Reilly, Tara Setmayer, George Conway, Glenn Kirschner, Karen Friedman Agnifilo, Alexandra Levine, Jonathan Capehart, Tim Miller In the face of a pending criminal indictment, Donald trump does what he does best: posts about it on social media. Plus, as a New York indictment looms, the other investigations into Trump’s misconduct continue to pick up steam. Then, the congressional clock is going "Tik Tok" for the Chinese social media app. But is the party about to stop? And as Trump pummels top contender DeSantis into submission, what's a "Never Don, never Ron" Republican to do?

    Fri, 24 Mar 2023 - 42min
  • 1311 - 'Thunderous': Federal judge rules Trump likely misled lawyers on documents

    Guests: Harry Litman, Barbara McQuade, Jeremey Saland, Rep. Ruben Gallego, Jen Psaki, Michael Beschloss The Trump grand jury will reconvene in Manhattan tomorrow as the special counsel enters the chat. What today's extraordinary ruling from a federal appeals court could mean for charges in the documents probe. Then, what we know about the grand jury delay in Manhattan with a former prosecutor from that office. Plus, Rep. Ruben Gallego on the desperate Republican attempt to get their boss off the hook. And Jen Psaki and Michael Beschloss on an expanding Republican field as Trump support grows.

    Thu, 23 Mar 2023 - 41min
  • 1310 - McCarthy downplays Trump hush money probe as ‘personal money’ case

    Guests: Jennifer Rubin, Paul Butler, Brendan Buck, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Jamelle Bouie, David Jolly, Donna Edwards Republican officials miss another chance to do the right thing. What does the possible indictment of Donald Trump reveal about the Republican Party? Then, the party of small government tries to investigate elected state officials for doing their jobs. And a swing and a miss for Florida governor Ron DeSantis—Why Donald Trump's potential indictment hasn't loosened his hold on the Republican Party presidential primary. Plus, Mike Pence sacrificed nearly everything to be Donald Trump's vice president. So why is there no place for him in the current GOP?

    Wed, 22 Mar 2023 - 41min
  • 1309 - Trump braces for possible arrest as grand jury wraps up

    Guests: Jonathan Dienst, George Conway, Danya Perry, Ben Collins, Rep. Adam Schiff, Michael Steele, Mona Charen and John Meacham The disgraced former president predicts his own indictment as the grand jury convenes and Team Trump makes a final push to persuade jurors. Tonight: as protective barricades go up in New York and in Washington, what we know about what's coming and when, the other major developments in Georgia and DC, the posturing of Trump allies in high office, and the ones battling him for a nomination. Chris Hayes has the latest.

    Tue, 21 Mar 2023 - 42min
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