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Chris Hayes, MSNBC

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1438 - First defendant in Trump Georgia case pleads guilty
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  • 1438 - First defendant in Trump Georgia case pleads guilty

    Guests: Harry Litman, Catherine Christian, Ben LaBolt, Rep. Barbara Lee Tonight: the first domino falls in Fulton County as Donald Trump's first co-defendant takes a plea deal. What does it mean for the trial that's starting in 3 weeks—and for the ex-president himself? Then, the absolute absurdity of a Trump, MAGA shutdown that's just hours away. And the Congress and California say goodbye to an iconic American senator.

    Sat, 30 Sep 2023 - 42min
  • 1437 - GOP flails during impeachment stunt as shutdown looms

    Guests: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Claire McCaskill, Tim Miller The MAGA House loses Fox News and befuddles Steve Bannon. Tonight: Congressman Jamie Raskin on what was really going on in that hearing room today. And Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on just catching Republicans making things up. Then, as the President calls out the Trump threat to democracy. Plus, why the candidates vying to defeat Trump keep failing miserably.

    Fri, 29 Sep 2023 - 42min
  • 1436 - ‘Denied’: Trump loses bid to remove judge in federal coup trial

    Guests: Paul Rieckhoff, General Barry McCaffrey, Shan Wu, David Cay Johnston, Susan Del Percio, Symone Sanders Townsend The MAGA offensive against the people who wouldn't help Trump end democracy. Then, the big decision from the judge in the Trump coup trial as the truth comes out in a New York court. And as we get more good polling for the Biden campaign, the latest stunt from the Republican frontrunner to avoid the debate stage.

    Thu, 28 Sep 2023 - 41min
  • 1435 - ‘Fantasy world’: Scathing ruling finds Trump, adult sons committed fraud

    Guests: Ruth Ben-Ghiat, George Conway, Charles Coleman, Lisa Rubin, Steve Greenhouse, Ron Klain The Republican frontrunner found liable for fraud as he continues to escalate threats. Tonight: the enduring threat to our democracy from Donald Trump—and what looks like a financial death penalty for his Trump Organization in New York. Then: President Biden makes history by joining striking union workers on a picket line.

    Wed, 27 Sep 2023 - 41min
  • 1434 - The corrosive effect of corruption on public trust

    Tonight, on All In: A Supreme Court Justice and a United States Senator – corruption in the system as American’s confidence in it declines. Tonight, the stunning details from the indictment of Senator Robert Menendez. And the ProPublica reporting on Clarence Thomas & a new group of right-wing billionaires. Plus, President Biden's bold move to support the striking autoworkers, in person – and one day before Trump's own debate-dodge stunt. And the sad decline of Ron DeSantis, as Republicans say “no thanks” to “diet Trump.” Guests: Jonathan Dienst, Nick Akerman, Michelle Goldberg, Justin Elliot, Rep. Katie Porter, Tara Setmayer, Jennifer Horn

    Sat, 23 Sep 2023 - 46min
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