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Deadline: White House

Deadline: White House

Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC

Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.

1578 - "The unprecedented spectacle"
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  • 1578 - "The unprecedented spectacle"

    John Heilemann – in for Nicolle Wallace – Andrew Weissmann, Claire McCaskill, David Jolly, Katie Phang, Vaughn Hillyard, Basil Smikle, Michele Goodwin, Katty Kay, Amanda Zurawski, and Ian Millhiser.

    Mon, 24 Jun 2024 - 1h 25min
  • 1577 - “Actionable threats”

    Nicolle Wallace is joined by Lisa Rubin, Andrew Weissmann, Rev. Al Sharpton, Harry Litman, Shannon Watts, Betsy Woodruff Swan, Tim Heaphy, Charlie Sykes, John Heilemann, and Paul Rieckhoff.

    Fri, 21 Jun 2024 - 1h 26min
  • 1576 - “He lost and he knows it”

    Nicolle Wallace is joined by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Dahlia Lithwick, Marc Elias, Andrew Weissmann, Elizabeth Dias, Ramin Setoodeh, David Jolly, Basil Smikle, Mary McCord, and Kristy Greenberg.

    Thu, 20 Jun 2024 - 1h 25min
  • 1575 - “Lies as white noise”

    Nicolle Wallace is joined by Eric Holder, Ramin Setoodeh, Donny Deutsch, Anne Applebaum, Lauren Windsor, Andrew Weissmann, Marvin Dunn, and Maya Wiley.

    Wed, 19 Jun 2024 - 1h 29min
  • 1574 - “Trying anything and everything”

    Nicolle Wallace is joined by Vaughn Hillyard, John Heilemann, Kristy Greenberg, Amanda Carpenter, Karine Jean Pierre, Courtney Kube, John Brennan, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Mark McKinnon, Tara Setmayer, and Michelle Kinney.

    Tue, 18 Jun 2024 - 1h 29min
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