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891 - Explosive DA Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Testimony - What Happens Next? With Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis | Ep. 726
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  • 891 - Explosive DA Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Testimony - What Happens Next? With Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis | Ep. 726

    Megyn Kelly is joined by lawyers Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis to talk about the explosive Fani Willis and Nathan Wade testimony yesterday, the question about Willis paying in cash only, whether Wade and Willis actually lied to the court, the key element about when the affair started, the relevance of attorney-client privilege, important testimony from Willis' former friend and colleague, the media pushing the line that the friend is "disgruntled," Nathan Wade's reasoning for having no "receipts" showing his travel with Fani Willis, the importance of "cash" transactions for everything, whether Wade lied on his "interrogatories," Willis' fiery moments attacking other lawyers and even Nathan Wade, her emotional outbursts in court, what deception expert Phil Houston said about Willis' answers, what the judge might do next and how it affects the Trump RICO case, big news about the Hunter Biden special counsel charging an ex-FBI informant now, and more. Aronberg- Davis-

    Fri, 16 Feb 2024 - 1h 43min
  • 890 - DNA, “Targeted,” Autopsies: Idaho College Murders and Bryan Kohberger, Megyn Kelly Show Special - Part Six | Ep. 725

    In this follow-up sixth episode of a special edition of The Megyn Kelly Show, answering your questions and responding to feedback you sent, Megyn Kelly takes you deep inside the quadruple murders at the University of Idaho, and the suspect, Bryan Kohberger. Megyn looks into what we know about DNA found at the scene, the confusing “targeted” messaging from police, what the autopsies have revealed, what Kohberger’s family may have suspected, and more.

    Thu, 15 Feb 2024 - 42min
  • 889 - Bombshell New Details on “Star Crossed Lovers” Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, and Could Susan Rice Be the Secret Replacement for Dems in 2024?, with Michael Knowles, Andy McCarthy, Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis | Ep. 724

    Megyn Kelly begins the show by detailing the latest bombshell reporting about Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade, the reports that their romantic relationship had been going on for years, whether they lied under oath, and more. Following, attorneys Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis join Megyn to discuss the details of Willis' alleged affair, the nature of her and Wade's “personal relationship,” whether their behavior will get them disqualified from the election interference case against former President Donald Trump, and more. Then, Andy McCarthy of National Review joins to discuss Wade pleading the fifth in the alleged affair case with Willis, the possible fraud committed by Willis, whether she could face criminal charges, and more. Plus, The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles joins to discuss The New York Times' racially focused piece on how Willis is being treated, the downfall of The Times over the past years, Trump’s Valentine's Day love letter (and fundraising message) to Melania, Bill Clinton’s awkward Valentine’s message to Hillary Clinton, whether Biden advisor Susan Rice could be the secret replacement for the Dems in the 2024 election, and more. Aronberg- Davis- McCarthy- Knowles-

    Wed, 14 Feb 2024 - 1h 36min
  • 888 - Media's Biden Rescue, and Harry and Meghan's "Rebrand," with Maureen Callahan, Plus Sopranos Star Drea de Matteo | Ep. 723

    Megyn Kelly is joined by Maureen Callahan, Daily Mail columnist, to discuss the massive Super Bowl ratings that were the most since the moon landing, the Chiefs asking Taylor Swift not to attend the parade, breaking down the Swift hug with Travis Kelce after the game, Biden’s memory issues and the media spin, whether Biden is being undermined by the left in order to get him to step away from the 2024 nomination, constant attempts to claim Biden is more fit privately than what everyone sees publicly, Harry and Meghan attempting a "Sussex" rebrand, what we know about Harry's very quick trip to visit his father King Charles, Meghan Markle’s dubious claim that she’s a feminist, "The View" host Sunny Hostin finding out her ancestors actually owned slaves, her co-host Joy Behar calling it a "bummer," her continued demand for reparations, the trans shooter at Joel Osteen's church, whether parents should be held responsible for their child's actions in a school shooting, and more. Then Drea de Matteo, actress and founder of ULTRAFREE, joins to discuss her iconic role on "The Sopranos," her experience working with James Gandolfini, why she no longer talks to Michael Imperioli, modern TV's refusal to take risks, why she went from voting for Biden to her political awakening during the COVID Era, the left’s drift away from its principles, why she supports Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Hollywood actors’ fear of speaking about politics, her decision to launch a freedom-focused clothing brand ULTRAFREE, and more.

    Tue, 13 Feb 2024 - 1h 37min
  • 887 - Kelce and Swift Super Bowl "Overload," and Left's Lies about Biden Report, with Victor Davis Hanson and "Crain & Company" | Ep. 722

    Megyn Kelly begins the show talking Super Bowl with Jake Crain, Blain Crain, and David Cone, hosts of The Daily Wire's "Crain & Company," on Travis Kelce pushing and yelling at his coach, Kelce being a jerk at the Super Bowl last year and this year, all the camera shots of his girlfriend Taylor Swift, all the gratuitous focus on Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl, the constant push to make Taylor seem just like a regular person, Christopher Walken's great Super Bowl commercial, the mixed feelings about Ben Affleck's new ad, the ability for conservatives to put aside political beliefs when watching entertainment, and more. Then Victor Davis Hanson, author of "The End of Everything," joins to discuss the ridiculous spin from VP Kamala Harris and First Lady Jill Biden about the President Biden special counsel report, the false outrage about the Beau Biden section, lies about what was really in the report from the left and media, the fuzzy timeline of Biden's documents scandal, Trump disrupting the terrible President Biden news cycle with some comments slamming Nikki Haley's husband and NATO, why Trump is largely in control of his own destiny in 2024, the existential stakes in this election, the ridiculous spin from Biden's lawyer about why he can't remember important events, the new ABC poll showing three-quarters of Democrats and almost all independents think Biden is too old to serve again, and more.

    Mon, 12 Feb 2024 - 1h 36min
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