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610 - Censorship as Virtue Signaling, and False Meghan and Harry Claims, with the Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 448
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  • 610 - Censorship as Virtue Signaling, and False Meghan and Harry Claims, with the Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 448

    Megyn Kelly is joined by Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch, the hosts of The Fifth Column podcast, to talk about White House lies about Biden and the border, the uninspiring Georgia runoff, Trump's next 2024 move, potential vaccine mandate changes for the military and mask mandates for Los Angeles, pathetic communication from the White House press secretary, a former top Twitter exec citing "trauma" for banning Trump, whether banning Trump is actually just about virtue signaling, the layers to the GMA TJ Holmes - Amy Robach story, Keith Olbermann's angry rant about his ex-girlfriend Katie Tur, the official end of the Michael Avenatti media love affair, the decline in trust in the media, all the false claims in the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Netflix trailer, the need to talk with people we disagree with, remembering Kirstie Alley after her death, and more.

    Tue, 6 Dec 2022 - 1h 34min
  • 609 - Truth About Twitter Files, and Amber Heard Appeals, with Michael Knowles, Arthur Aidala, and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 447

    Megyn Kelly is joined by Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire to discuss the truth about the "Twitter Files" story, the revelations about the censorship and suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, the reality of the internal communications, Trump's valid anger over the story but over-the-top rhetoric, hysterical media reaction that reveals their guilt in the story, Harry and Meghan's latest self-pitying Netflix trailer, Harry and Meghan complaining about the media, media craziness about Ron DeSantis, and more. Then it's Kelly's Court with Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh, to talk about the status of the Harvey Weinstein cases in New York and Los Angeles, the evidence in the Weinstein cases and value of a female lawyer in a case like this, the relevance of Weinstein's genitalia, Amber Heard filing her appeal in the Johnny Depp case and whether she has a shot, how Heard should have handled her case the first time, Heard's initial lies and claims now, the GMA TJ Holmes and Amy Robach scandal and legal angles, Balenciaga dropping its lawsuit, and more.

    Mon, 5 Dec 2022 - 1h 34min
  • 608 - Harry and Meghan Target Kate, and Ye's Meltdown, with Dan Wootton, Dominique Samuels and Eva Vlaardingerbroek | Ep. 446

    Megyn Kelly is joined by Dan Wootton, GB News host and Daily Mail columnist, to talk Harry and Meghan's new Netflix documentary trailer dropping while William and Kate are in the U.S., more Meghan lies, their effort to target Kate and the rest of the Royal family, whether King Charles should strip Harry and Meghan's titles, Meghan's latest podcast, a Royal aide racial controversy and cancelation of an 83-year-old woman, Harry getting an anti-racism award, and more. Then Dominique Samuels and Eva Vlaardingerbroek, political commentators, join to discuss the left's woke hierarchy of victimhood, Kanye "Ye" West's bonkers interview with Alex Jones praising Nazis and Hitler, Ye's own sexualization of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, the reality of his anti-Semitism, continued fallout of Balenciaga's disturbing child sexualization, the Dutch government continuing the crackdown on farmers in the country, whether this could be the canary in the coalmine for what's to come in the U.S. and U.K, climate virtue signaling around the world, government's focused on controlling the food supply chain, crises being used to take people's rights away, Justin Trudeau's revisionist vaccine history, and more.

    Fri, 2 Dec 2022 - 1h 38min
  • 607 - Explosive New Casey Anthony Allegations, and Importance of Defense Attorneys, with Jose Baez and Vinnie Politan | Ep. 445

    Megyn Kelly is joined by Vinnie Politan, host on Court TV, to talk about FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried speaking publicly against his lawyer's advice, the new Casey Anthony docuseries on Peacock, bizarre new details about alleged abuse towards Casey, and more. Then Jose Baez, defense attorney and CEO of Baez Law Firm, joins to discuss why he won't watch the docuseries changing narratives and allegations, Baez’s own views and stance on the trial, how the media covered the trial, the details of the computer searches, the murder case involving end of life care and a doctor that Baez helped get acquitted in a case he says is his most important ever, a case involving "adrenaline addiction," the importance of defese attorneys, and more. Plus, an "MK Mailbag" on the value of hearing from all sides and more guest feedback. Have a question for Megyn? Email her at Megyn@MegynKelly.com.

    Thu, 1 Dec 2022 - 1h 34min
  • 606 - Media Panics Over Elon Musk and Free Speech, and Will Smith Forgives Himself, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 444

    Megyn Kelly is joined by the hosts of the Ruthless Podcast, Josh Holmes, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook, to talk about CNN making major cuts, Don Lemon's long history of being liberal on CNN but denying CNN is liberal, media and the left panicking over free speech on Elon Musk's Twitter, the press' efforts to prop up supposed "safety experts" on the dangers of Twitter, coordination between tech platforms, the government, and the media, opinion laundering in the press, Alyssa Milano's self-own in her attempt to slam Elon Musk, Chris Hayes and the Dean of Columbia's Journalism School being publicly sad about Twitter, Will Smith announcing he's forgiven himself for his Oscars slap, the non-binary Biden administration official arrested for stealing luggage, a powerful U.S. soccer player answer to an Iranian reporter, what happened to the GOP in the midterms, more Karine Jean-Pierre struggles, and more.

    Wed, 30 Nov 2022 - 1h 24min
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