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The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show

The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show

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The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show. Clay Travis and Buck Sexton tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and current events with intelligence and humor. From the border crisis, to the madness of cancel culture and far-left missteps, Clay and Buck guide listeners through the latest headlines and hot topics with fun and entertaining conversations and opinions.

5394 - The Value of Freedom with Robert Kiyosaki
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  • 5394 - The Value of Freedom with Robert Kiyosaki

    Robert Kiyosaki joins Lisa to discuss the country's economic state, the rise of communism, and his time serving as a Marine Corps helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. Lisa also reflects on the 21st anniversary of September 11, 2001.

    Mon, 12 Sep 2022
  • 5393 - Putting Points on the Board with Eric Schmitt

    Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has uncovered collusion between White House officials and Big Tech to suppress Americans’ freedom of speech, violating our First Amendment rights. He joins Lisa to discuss his lawsuit and his run for the U.S. Senate.

    Thu, 08 Sep 2022
  • 5392 - Standing Your Ground with Dean Cain

    Dean Cain talks about Hollywood’s reaction to his support of President Trump and why you should never bend a knee to the woke mob.

    Mon, 05 Sep 2022
  • 5391 - Unpacking the Mar-a-Lago Raid

    Mike Davis, the former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and the founder and president of the Article III Project, joins Lisa to unpack the Mar-a-Lago raid on President Trump.

    Thu, 22 Sep 2022
  • 5390 - Freedom Is Fleeting with Maximo Alvarez

    Maximo Alvarez fled communist Cuba when he was a teenager. He is now the President of Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, Inc. He joins Lisa for an important conversation about freedom, the consequences of communism, and what’s at stake this November.

    Mon, 19 Sep 2022
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