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Tom Gresham's Gun Talk is a Nationally-Syndicated Radio Show delving into everything from Gun Rights and Second Amendment Issues to sport and target shooting, recreational shooting and more. It's Full Metal Talk Radio!

3728 - Shooting Tips With Langdon Tactical | Gun Talk Nation
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  • 3728 - Shooting Tips With Langdon Tactical | Gun Talk Nation

    On this episode of Gun Talk Nation, Ryan Gresham sits down with Ernest Langdon of Langdon Tactical to discuss a variety of topics. A wealth of knowledge, Ernest dives into his vast background, covers the importance of instructor development, why multi-day training courses are so important, and much more. Sit back, listen and learn.

    Learn more about Langdon Tactical here: https://langdontactical.com/

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    Gun Talk Nation 02.26.24

    Mon, 26 Feb 2024 - 45min
  • 3727 - Shooting -- The Lifetime Sport; Big Win In California Court; Fighting Cancel Culture Among Gunnies: Gun Talk Radio | 02.25.24 Hour 1

    In This Hour:

    -- Champion shooter Bruce Piatt explains why shooting is a lifetime sport and how he keeps beating the younger shooters.

    --  In an important victory, California's ban on speech about guns was struck down in the courts.  Chuck Michel runs it down.

    --  Even while they deplore the Cancel Culture of The Left, the firearms community is often quick to turn on one of its own. This week's reaction to a Ken Hackathorn video serves as an example.

    Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  02.25.24  Hour 1

    Sun, 25 Feb 2024 - 43min
  • 3726 - Choosing A Gun Trainer; Should You Thank A "Fudd"; Safety When Driving Rural Areas: Gun Talk Radio | 02.25.24 Hour 2

    In This Hour:

    -- USCCA revamps its training program.  Rob Chadwick details the improvements.

    -- Gun Rights activist Jeff Knox explains why he told a recent rally they should "Thank A Fudd" for the work "old timers" have done to preserve the Second Amendment.

    --  Tom shares thoughts about safety when driving through areas which don't have cell phone service.

    Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  02.25.24  Hour 2

    Sun, 25 Feb 2024 - 43min
  • 3725 - Experienced Gun Fighters; Young Criminals And Self Defense; What's Special About A Double Stack 1911?: Gun Talk Radio | 02.25.24 Hour 3

    In This Hour:

    -- Carjackers and robbers are getting younger.  

    --  What do older, experienced, firearm trainers have to offer?  Ken Campbell, CEO of Gunsite, uses his rangemasters as examples.

    --  The lure of the double stack 1911, or 2011, pistol

    Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  02.25.24  Hour 3

    Sun, 25 Feb 2024 - 43min
  • 3724 - Is There Natural Shooting Talent?; Concealed Carry Etiquette; How A Shooting Lesson Paid Off Years Later: Gun Talk Radio | 02.25.24 After Show

    In This Hour:

    --  Is it possible to have natural shooting talent?

    --Etiquette of concealed carry.  Don't draw your loaded gun to show it off.

    --  A story of how teaching a young man to shoot paid off years later.

    Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 02.25.24  After Show

    Sun, 25 Feb 2024 - 34min
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