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897 - The Perfect Life
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  • 897 - The Perfect Life

    Jennifer Ramsaran, a devoted mother of three, is found murdered in her New York town. More than a decade later, the story takes an unexpected turn as a twist emerges that leads to an unforeseen conclusion. Andrea Canning reports.

    Tue, 20 Feb 2024 - 1h 23min
  • 896 - Talking Dateline: Death at the Spa

    Andrea Canning interviews Josh Mankiewicz about his recent episode, “Death at the Spa.” In 2018, Ildiko Krajnyak was killed instantly when she opened a package bomb left at her California day spa. When investigators started digging into Ildiko’s life they identified several people who might have had a motive, but only one person with the means to commit the crime. Josh tells Andrea about getting to know the woman who stood by the killer for years, and why he decided to share information with her no one else had. Josh also shares an exclusive clip about another mysterious death in the killer’s past. Plus, Josh answers viewers’ questions posed on social media during the episode.

    Wed, 14 Feb 2024 - 25min
  • 895 - Death at the Spa

    When a package bomb explodes at a day spa in Southern California, killing beloved esthetician Ildiko Krajnyak and injuring two clients, law enforcement discovers that the bomb was intended specifically for her. Who would want Ildiko dead? An investigation into her love life reveals several possibilities. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

    Tue, 13 Feb 2024 - 1h 23min
  • 894 - The Evil That Watches

    A triple murder divides a small town in Kentucky. As secrets come tumbling out, residents begin to wonder: How well do we really know our neighbors? Keith Morrison reports.

    Tue, 28 Sep 2021 - 1h 22min
  • 893 - Talking Dateline: The Sleepover

    Josh Mankiewicz and Andrea Canning go behind the scenes of Andrea’s latest episode, “The Sleepover.” More than 20 years after Navy petty officer Sherri Malarik was found shot to death in her car in a Pensacola, Florida parking lot, her husband was arrested and put on trial for the murder. Twice. Greg Malarik has denied having anything to do with his wife’s murder and, following a hung jury in the first trial, was ultimately acquitted. Andrea and Josh discuss how Sherri’s murder and its aftermath have torn her family apart. Plus, Andrea answers viewer questions about the story and shares previously unaired interview audio with Sherri and Greg’s daughter, Tera.

    Wed, 7 Feb 2024 - 28min
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