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Physics Frontiers

Physics Frontiers

Jim Rantschler

Jim Rantschler and Randy Morrison discuss physics from elementary particles to cosmological effects at the limits of our theoretical knowledge or have recently emerged. 

125 - Episode 75: Categorical Probability and the Measurement Problem
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  • 125 - Episode 75: Categorical Probability and the Measurement Problem

    Jim talks with Nick Ormrod and V. Vilasini about their use of categorical probability theory to analyze the measurement problem.  We discuss categorical probability theory, which allows them to abstract from particular mathematical formulations of quantum mechanics to more general ideas about states and measurements and observers than found in Hilbert space formulations.  They use this to look at the various properties of quantum mechanics and how they relate to each other, in particular how relativity affects the measurement problem.Show Notes:

    Sun, 20 Aug 2023
  • 124 - Episode 74: Stochastic Thermodynamics with David Wolpert

    Jim talks with David Wolpert about the non-equilibrium behavior of computation, what it means for entropy, and how it relates to traditional thermodynamics.Show Notes:

    Sun, 09 Jul 2023
  • 123 - Episode 73: Quantum Money with Jiahui Liu

    Jim discusses quantum money with Jiahui Liu.  Quantum money is a linchpin of quantum cryptography.  The ability to create secure banknotes using quantum computers would allow even more secure methods of encryption for communications. 

    Sun, 18 Jun 2023
  • 122 - Episode 72: Born Rule and Gravity with Antony Valentini

    Jim talks with Antony Valentini about the difficulties of interpretation of quantum mechanics in light of quantum gravity.  In particular, Antony discusses the failure of the Born Rule due to the impossibility of normalization (the fact that probabilities must sum to 100%) at that scale, and therefore the need to interpret the wavefunction as something more than merely the knowledge of the observer about the system.  They spend some time talking about the de Broglie-Bohm interpretation in light of quantum gravity.Show Notes:

    Sun, 23 Apr 2023
  • 121 - Episode 71: Primordial Graviton Background

    Jim talks with Sunny Vagnozzi about using the Primoridial Graviton Background to rule out all inflation models. Show Notes:

    Sun, 19 Feb 2023
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