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Plugged In Golf Podcast

Plugged In Golf Podcast

Plugged In Golf

Plugged In Golf's Matt Saternus interviews the most interesting, knowledgeable people in golf so that you can play better and enjoy the game more.

223 - Coaching Your Own Golf
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  • 223 - Coaching Your Own Golf

    It's Matt's favorite sports time of year: the NBA Playoffs.  Watching these games has given Matt some thoughts about the limits of coaching, and how you can be a more effective coach for your own golf game.  If you want to easily shave some strokes off your game, take a listen to this episode.

    Wed, 29 May 2024 - 21min
  • 222 - Fripp Island Resort

    Fripp Island Resort is one of the best under the radar golf destinations, though it's unlikely to stay under the radar for long.  With two great courses and countless amenities and activities, it's a place that you'll never want to leave.  Learn the ins and outs from John Scappatura in this podcast.

    Check out our Fripp Island Feature HERE

    Reviews of Ocean Creek Golf Course HERE and Ocean Point Golf Course HERE

    Wed, 22 May 2024 - 33min
  • 221 - Podcast Episode 218 - A Quick Lesson + Matt's WITB

    In this week's podcast, Matt discusses his recent lesson about the unnecessary difficulty of trying to win at golf your own way.  If you're stuck at a certain scoring plateau, this may help you break through to the next level.  In the second half of the episode, Matt goes through is 2024 WITB and discusses what has changed and what's staying around for another season.

    Check out the written lesson HERE

    Wed, 15 May 2024 - 25min
  • 220 - The Reality of Swing Changes

    Matt welcomes Andy Hayes back to the podcast for this eye-opening episode.  After a short Masters recap, they discuss Andy's recent swing changes that came under the guidance of Hank Haney.  This is a must listen for golf swing enthusiasts and any player interested in making serious improvements to their own swing.

    Wed, 17 Apr 2024 - 39min
  • 219 - Understanding Golf Club Performance

    This week, we welcome back Terry Koehler from Edison Golf to discuss an interesting question: Can you judge a golf club by how it looks?  Terry argues that in irons and wedges, the answer is yes, and he explains just how to do it.  Matt and Terry also get into several informative tangents, and Matt wraps up by talking about how you can use visual cues to understand how woods and hybrids perform, too.

    Check out the lesson on Gear Effect HERE

    Wed, 03 Apr 2024 - 44min
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