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Redolent Music Podcast

Redolent Music Podcast

Redolent Music

Redolence Radio is the weekly podcast of Redolent Music, a new label founded by DJ Chus and La Santa, that represents a multi-cultural and eclectic group of new talented producers from all over the world. Redolent Music is the reminiSCENT of ancient tribal dance music, ethnic deep sounds, evocative rhythms, suggestive vocals, and scented drums that bring them into a modern Electronic Music realm.

150 - Redolent Music Podcast 120 | LA SANTA
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  • 150 - Redolent Music Podcast 120 | LA SANTA

    Enjoy this week’s episode with LA SANTA, head honcho of Redolent Music along CHUS, Dj & producer influenced by Classical Music, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul, and World Music. All tracks are form her recent VA Redolent Scents (Blended by La Santa) including amazing artists like Eran Heersh, Amine K, Queen Rami, Vooz Brothers, Stones & Bones and her own track Parle-Moi with well know singer Coco. Her DJ sets are filled with sensitivity, harmony, and high doses of groove & spirituality. Enjoy this special Redolent Scents (Blended by La Santa) Mix 1 Journey with LA SANTA including her upcoming release with Coco - Parle Moi & all new bombs from her new VA in Redolent! 01. Jay Fase - Viento REDOLENT 02. Scott Pullen - Lost Love REDOLENT 03. Anorre - Samaritan REDOLENT 04. Duty Sound - Voix Du Sud REDOLENT 05. Oscar Mula - Sanwalanwe 06. Dum K - Kanjena feat. Nomvula SA REDOLENT 07. Amine K - Time To Be Free REDOLENT 08. Cato Anaya - Consuelo REDOLENT 09. Venthura, 2Nomads - Mateo 3-13 feat. Mercedes Viloria REDOLENT 10. La Santa, Coco - Parle Moi REDOLENT 11. Moshem - Forgive Me REDOLENT

    Mon, 20 Mar 2023 - 1h 00min
  • 149 - Redolent Music Podcast 119 | DARKSIDEVINYL

    Enjoy this week’s episode hosted by Egyptian Dj & Producer DARKSIDEVINYL. Hailing from Egypt and based in Vienna, Darksidevinyl is an artist with formidable talent. He creates a fusion of contemporary Afro Sounds with progressive and captivating melodies. An artist with one foot in the current and one step forward with a totally fresh direction. Producing since 1998 and spinning a long time before, Darksidevinyl has won over many of his local clubs and events with his special blend of Afro-Progressive and Groovy Tech House sound. Enjoy this week’s episode with DARKSIDEVINYL including his upcoming release Shine You Crazy Dimond & Another Brick In the Wall along Ucha on Redolent! 01 - Made By Pete, Zoe Kypri - Horizon Red 02 - Darksidevinyl - Esperanza 03 - Darksidevinyl - Shine You Crazy Dimond ( REDOLENT ) 04 - Darksidevinyl - Black Sun 05 - Darksidevinyl & Ucha - Another Brick In the Wall ( REDOLENT ) 06 - WhoMadeWho - Never Alone (Patrice Bäumel Remix) 07 - Demayä - Assez 08- Pete Tong, Goom Gum - Signal (Tulum Mix) 09 - Husa & Zeyada, Gespona, Elif (TR) - A Little Fun (Gespona & Elif Remix) 10 - Rancido - Leon 11 - Darksidevinyl - Kana 12 - Darksidevinyl, Jordan John - Yazid

    Mon, 13 Mar 2023 - 1h 00min
  • 148 - Redolent Music Podcast 118 | M.E.M.O.

    Enjoy this week’s episode hosted by Spanish Dj & producer M.E.M.O. Versatile as elegant, he was awarded as best Deep House artist at the Hispano-­American Vicious Music Awards 2018, harmonizing talent and technical skills with a suggestive tendency to risk and a natural predisposition to the avant-­garde. His personal sound travels around the world creating special moments through his original music in a Live Act format or DJ Set. M.E.M.O. begins his journey traveling around the world, living in Barcelona, where he opened his own vinyl shop and performed at the main clubs in the city such as Moog, Fellini, Catwalk and had a residency at the party ZEN at City Hall. Later on he moved to Ibiza with regular performances at Space, Privilege and Sankeys, amongst others.   A career of more than 25 years that has taken him to major festivals such as Creamfields, Dreambeach, WeekendBeach, Sommeroya, Brunch in the park…  playing many countries where he has been able to demonstrate his skills: Germany, England, Norway, Netherlands, Georgia, Egypt, Russia, Croatia, USA, Mexico, Chile, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Morocco… As a producer, M.E.M.O. is at his best. His sound characterizes by percussions and ecstatic rhythms with natural music organs followed by melodies that will blow your mind. His hit "Tai Tai", released by the Berlin label Mobilee Records, Best Seller Deep House 2018 and Top 3 for more than 3 months on Beatport release, is still sounding after four years all over the planet. His subsequent releases like “Another Night”, “Lo Unico”, “Maya” have been placed in the top positions of the Beatport Top 100 with support from artists such as Black Coffee, Solomun, Bedouin, Adam Port, John Digweed, Sasha, Pete Tong, Claptone, Joris Voorn, Blond:ish, Sabo, Frankie & Sandrino and a long etc. Definitely, an artist that keeps surprising and consolidating year after year. Enjoy this week’s episode with M.E.M.O. including his remix for G.Zamora - Sin Tu Querer on Redolent! 01. Black Motion - Ya Badino (Feat. Tlokwe Sehume) 02. Niko Schwind, Robbie Akbal - Caminando de Noche feat. Ay Marita (M.E.M.O. Remix) 03. Badbox, Dr.Feel & Native Tribe & Da Q-bic - Battles (Drumapella Mix) 04. G.Zamora - Sin Tu Querer (M.E.M.O. Remix) REDOLENT 05. JAMIIE - Voices (DJ JEFF Remix) 06. M.E.M.O. - Cairo 07. Bebetta & Los Cabra - Good Omen 08. Toko Mayo - Africa 09. M.E.M.O. - Tai Tai 10. Michel Cieis, Zaiko Langa Langa - Baza SOS Fever DUB 11. M.E.M.O. - Lo Unico 12. M.E.M.O. & Pig&Dan - Mindsense 13. Bebetta & Los Cabra - Forget to GO Home

    Mon, 06 Mar 2023 - 1h 00min
  • 147 - Redolent Music Podcast 117 | ADDFX

    Enjoy this week’s episode hosted by ADDFX, Greek Dj & producer, his sound characterises by percussions and ecstatic rhythms with natural music organs followed by melodies that will travel your mind. Remixer of ‘’Byzantine Meditation”, one of the most famous Electronic tracks in the world, which it was written and produced by the Award winning Artist Antaeus. Former Resident Dj of Playground, a label that has hosted numerous events in Athens Greece, showcasing the fresh sound of international and national acts of the house music scene. He played in very important clubs in Greece and Abroad like: Off Sonar Barcelona, Deep House Bucharest, Technopolis - Umatic - Loft - Club22 - Playground the Club (Athens), Terraza, Dive, OXA, Xces, Loop38(Swiss), Villa Rouge (France), Salt & Pepper (Germany), Reaktor (Germany), Oxygen (Germany). Enjoy this week’s episode with ADDFX including his upcoming release ADDFX, Gabsy - Misirlou along Dood (Gr) with Jingo & Party All The Time on Redolent! 01. ADDFX feat Gabsy - Misirlou (Redolent) 02. Nelson X - Why (Redolent) 03. ADDFX, DOOD - El Paso 04. Malone, Calussa - Besame 05. ADDFX, Dood - Jingo (Redolent) 06. ADDFX, Dood - Party All The Time (Redolent) 07. HUGEL & BLONDISH & Nfasis - Tra Tra 08. DJ Chus - Underwater (Stereo Productions) 09. Ian Justiniani - Los Caminos 10. Junglewood - I Got This 11. Nomi Ruiz - Be Your Girl (Arabic Piano & Dr Feel Remix) 12. Notre Dame - Yumi

    Mon, 27 Feb 2023 - 1h 00min
  • 146 - Redolent Music Podcast 116 | THE ANGELS

    Enjoy this week’s episode of Redolence Radio hosted by THE ANGELS from Tel Aviv. Moran & Steven are much more than your average married couple, while your date night might be dinner & a movie, their date night is setting a dance-floor on fire during one of their DJ sets, or blazing House & Techno beats in the studio. Their music is played & supported by: Black Coffee, Solomun, Roger Sanchez, Marco Carola, Hector Romero, Riva Starr, Dj Chus, Affani, Blond:ish, Robbie Rivera, Saliva Commandos, Floyd Lavine, JAMIIE (Watergate), Pauza, and many more... and have been remixed by Floyd Lavine, Pippi Ciez, Saliva Commandos, Dole & Kom and more. Their Releases have gained more than 1mil' plays on all platforms, they have been placed in over 2K Spotify playlists, topping the Afro House Beatport top 100 chart and iTunes dance charts around the globe in Romania, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, India, Macedonia, Sweden, Spain, Chile, Puerto Rico and all the way to the #1 spot on Itunes Israel dance chart with their release "A Way Out". Their talent and their HQ productions have gotten them noticed by Sony Mexico's imprint "Orianna", a label run by Hector Romero, where they signed their latest release "Fuego En Tus Ojos", which has gained over 100K views on YT in under a week, reached the 10 Afro House Beatport chart and seems to be the hottest record of the summer in Latin America. This Dynamic duo of well-experienced DJs & Producers from Tel Aviv, have played in all the top clubs of the Holy-land, next to names like Andhim, Stylo, and many more. They know how to get the crowd Bumpin’ while crafting mesmerizing dj sets that flow thru House & Techno, infused with Latin, Afro & Oriental vibes. Enjoy this week’s episode with THE ANGELS live from Dekel Beach including Oscar de Rivera - Blue Velvet & Darksidevinyl, Ucha - Another Brick In The Wall on Redolent! 01. Elias Kazais - Cabin Fever 02. Miguel O'syrh - Rhino 03. Augusto Yepes - Tunisia 04. Darksidevinyl & Ucha - Anoter Brick In The Wall REDOLENT 05. Camelphat & Elderbrook - Cola 06. Silver Panda - Soul Connection 07. Artbat, Argy & Zafrir - Tibet 08. Calussa & Augusto Yepes - Amore 09. Noncitizien - Lost Trumpet In Space 10. Space Motion - Adelante 11. Supermode - Tell Me Why (Meduza Remix) 12. Notre Dame - Eldorado 13. Natema - Jerusalem / Tiesto - Silence Acapella 14. Oscar de Rivera - Blue Velvet REDOLENT

    Mon, 20 Feb 2023 - 1h 00min
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