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Politicon brings the brilliant team of political and legal masterminds together for Politicon's #SistersInLaw. Joyce Vance, Jill Wine-Banks, Barb McQuade, and Kimberly Atkins Stohr will pull back the curtain on how our government actually works, take on the corrupt, share their wisdom and give us their rulings on the latest in politics, law, and culture.

187 - 186: Let’s Get This Ex Parte Started
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  • 187 - 186: Let’s Get This Ex Parte Started

    Jill Wine-Banks hosts #SistersInLaw to discuss the status of Trump’s gag order after the guilty verdict and the progress of his criminal trials in Florida and Georgia. Then the #Sisters cover Hunter Biden’s felony gun possession trial and the anti-DEI injunction targeting the Fearless Fund.

    Sat, 08 Jun 2024
  • 186 - 185: Live In Boston: Verdict Day
    Sat, 01 Jun 2024
  • 185 - 184: That’s Not How A Waiver Works. You Don’t Wave It
    Sat, 25 May 2024
  • 184 - 183: Sometimes A Girl Needs A Nap
    Sat, 18 May 2024
  • 183 - 182: Live From Detroit
    Sat, 11 May 2024
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