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Politicon brings the brilliant team of political and legal masterminds together for Politicon's #SistersInLaw. Joyce Vance, Jill Wine-Banks, Barb McQuade, and Kimberly Atkins Stohr will pull back the curtain on how our government actually works, take on the corrupt, share their wisdom and give us their rulings on the latest in politics, law, and culture.

192 - 191: Project 2025
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  • 192 - 191: Project 2025
    Sat, 13 Jul 2024
  • 191 - 190: Immunity, Immunity, Immunity

    Jill Wine-Banks hosts #SistersInLaw to explain the divergent opinions in the SCOTUS immunity decision and its effect on Trump’s trials and the presidency. Then, the #Sisters review the Court’s recent rulings on social media moderation and the impact of having Chevron deference overturned.

    Sat, 06 Jul 2024
  • 190 - 189: Ejusdem Generis

    Barb McQuade hosts #SistersInLaw to discuss the SCOTUS ruling in Fischer, which threw out obstruction charges faced by a J6 rioter, and what to expect in the Court’s immunity decision. Then, the #Sisters cover the overturning of Chevron deference and Julian Assange’s guilty plea.

    Sat, 29 Jun 2024
  • 189 - 188: Apologia
    Sat, 22 Jun 2024
  • 188 - 187: Loose Lips & Secret Trips

    Kimberly Atkins Stohr hosts #SistersInLaw to examine the validity of Hunter Biden’s conviction and explain what happens next. Then, the #Sisters discuss the SCOTUS rulings on mifepristone and bump stocks and review recent unethical actions by Justices Alito and Thomas.

    Sat, 15 Jun 2024
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