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Taskmaster The Podcast

Taskmaster The Podcast

Avalon Television Ltd

This is the official Taskmaster podcast, hosted by former champion and chickpea lover, Ed Gamble. Each week, released straight after the show is broadcast on Channel 4, Ed will be joined by a special guest to dissect and discuss the latest episode. Past contestants, little Alex Horne, and even the Taskmaster himself will feature in this brand-new podcast from the producers of the BAFTA-winning comedy show.

180 - Series 17 Best of #1
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  • 180 - Series 17 Best of #1

    Join Ed Gamble as he revisits some of the most memorable moments from Series 17 of Taskmaster. Who can forget Sophie's slut dropping, Nick's costume or Steve's secret grape? Also of course Lou Sanders drops in!

    In other TM news we are excited to announce that very soon Ed will be covering the New Zealand Series of TM! That's right, the multiverse is never ending and we are all on board! So visit and start watching Series One of Taskmaster New Zealand!

    The Taskmaster Best Ofs were produced by Jenny Recaldin and Daisy Knight.

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    Thu, 20 Jun 2024 - 49min
  • 179 - Taskmaster The People's Podcast with Special Guest John Robins

    This week on the podcast Ed takes a break and we bring you Jenny Eclair and Jack Bernhardt from the People's Podcast!

    This week Jack and Jenny are joined by the Taskmaster king himself, John Robins! We hear a roundup of John’s stats, whether John was happy with his performance, why he still doesn't understand how green screens work, and what advice Ed and Lou gave John before going on Taskmaster.

    The pair also decide on what vintage episode Jenny should watch for next week (series 14, ep3).

    Want to report a sploof or goof - Jack-related or otherwise? Get in touch:

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    Taskmaster the Podcast is Produced and Edited by Christine Macdonald for Avalon Television

    Mon, 10 Jun 2024 - 56min
  • 178 - Ep 161. *Series 17 Winner* S17 Ep.10

    It's an exciting episode - Ed is joined by the winner of Series 17! The pair sit down and go through the proudest moments, biggest regrets, and every little detail in between - including why Guess the Age to Win the Wage feels so familiar...

    Thank you to everyone on Taskmaster for yet another wonderful series with many memorable moments, and big thanks to all of the guests who have come on the podcast.

    Ed will be back to start covering Taskmaster New Zealand very soon, but until then you can catch up on all the Taskmaster New Zealand episodes here:

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    Thu, 30 May 2024 - 1h 08min
  • 177 - Ep 160. Kiell Smith-Bynoe - S17, Ep.9

    This week Ed brings Kiell back onto the podcast to discuss this series' penultimate episode. They also discuss playing for Mae on Champion of Champions, why Kiell is suspicious about the prize tasks, which of Steve's tasks he had to look away from, and how Bart Simpson's Guide to Life might have helped Sophie.

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    Thu, 23 May 2024 - 59min
  • 176 - Ep 159. Sophie Willan - S17 Ep.8

    This week Ed is joined by the Taskmaster treasure that is Sophie Willan! Sophie and Ed discuss episode 8, including slut drops, justice for Wolfie, flicking flans, and which fictional film character would make the best Taskmaster contestant.

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    Thu, 16 May 2024 - 52min
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