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Democracy Now! is an independent daily TV & radio news program, hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. We provide daily global news headlines, in-depth interviews and investigative reports without any advertisements or government funding. Our programming shines a spotlight on corporate and government abuses of power and lifts up the stories of ordinary people working to make change in extraordinary times. Democracy Now! is live weekdays at 8am ET and available 24/7 through our website and podcasts.

2539 - Democracy Now! 2023-03-31 Friday
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  • 2539 - Democracy Now! 2023-03-31 Friday

    Headlines for March 31, 2023; Indicted: Trump Faces Criminal Charges in NY; Three Other Investigations into Ex-President Continue; Meet the Nashville ER Doctor Who Joined 1,000+ Protesters at Tennessee Capitol Demanding Gun Control; “Stop the Absurd Debate”: Parkland Father Calls for Nationwide Education Strike to Demand Gun Reform

    Fri, 31 Mar 2023 - 59min
  • 2538 - Landmark U.N. Resolution Holds Countries Accountable for Climate Crisis

    The United Nations has adopted a landmark resolution that seeks to hold countries accountable for failing to respond to the climate crisis, while protecting more vulnerable nations.

    Fri, 31 Mar 2023
  • 2537 - Democracy Now! 2023-03-30 Thursday

    Headlines for March 30, 2023; Bernie Sanders vs. Howard Schultz: Longtime Starbucks CEO Grilled on Company’s Union-Busting Tactics; Ex-Starbucks Worker Jaysin Saxton Describes Being Fired After He Helped Organize Union; “The Tale” Filmmaker Jennifer Fox on Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse & Finally Naming Her Abuser

    Thu, 30 Mar 2023 - 59min
  • 2536 - Filmmaker Jennifer Fox Says Olympic Rowing Legend Ted Nash Sexually Abused Her as a Child

    Filmmaker Jennifer Fox talks more about surviving childhood sexual abuse and her decision to reveal that her abuser 50 years ago was the legendary Olympic rower and coach Ted Nash, who died in 2021. Fox is the director of The Tale, a narrative memoir based on Fox’s own life experience.

    Thu, 30 Mar 2023
  • 2535 - Democracy Now! 2023-03-29 Wednesday

    Headlines for March 29, 2023; 38 Die in Fire Inside Mexican Immigration Jail Amid Broader Crackdown Near U.S. Border; Banning TikTok Won’t Keep Us Safe: Julia Angwin Critiques Bipartisan Attack on Chinese Firm; “Bootstrapped”: Alissa Quart on Liberating Ourselves from the Myth of the American Dream

    Wed, 29 Mar 2023 - 59min
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