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Earth Ancients

Cliff Dunning

Earth Ancients chronicles the growing (and often suppressed) evidence of known and unknown civilizations, their ruined cities, and artifacts developed from advanced science and technology. Erased from the pages of time, these cultures discovered and charted the heavens, developed medicine and unleashed advancements that parallel and, in many cases, surpass our own. Join us and discover our lost history.
Armed with the thousands of anomalous archeological discoveries which have not been covered by conventional science and the media, we can no longer deny our ancient cultural inheritance. Our written history is wrong and we’ve been led to believe that humanity is just a few hundred thousand years old. In fact, the Hindu Yugas advance the notion that Homo Sapiens are millions of years old, and have lived onplanet Earth through a series of rebirths.It’s now a fact that we are the survivors of a series of cataclysmic events that took place approximately 12,000 to 14,000 years ago. Our ancestors may have been aware of these impending disasters and fled underground shelter, or survived in caves; others may have left the planet, but a huge number perished.
Though Earth Ancients does explore some of the popular theories that ancient aliens have visited our

planet, our philosophy and research paradigm is decidedly Earth-centric, elevating the historical discourseabout human brilliance and ingenuity found in the archaeological evidence.

596 - Michael Le Flem: Visions of Atlantis
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  • 596 - Michael Le Flem: Visions of Atlantis

    Unravel History's Greatest Mystery

    People the world over have grappled with the story of Atlantis for millennia. But how much is fact? How much is fiction? How much is something else, filtered through the obscuring lens of time?

    Clairvoyant impressions from Edgar Cayce, Frederick Oliver, Rudolf Steiner, Barbara Hand Clow and others supplement a concerted scientific, philosophical and historical investigation of humanity's antediluvian achievements and Atlantis' tragic demise.

    At the same time, readers will see just how the story of Atlantis has evolved from the seminal account passed down by Plato almost 2,400 years ago into those of the present day, as we engage with some of its strongest proponents and harshest critics alike. More than just a dry catalog of Atlantean footnotes, Visions of Atlantis strikes at the core of the great divide between materialist reductionism and the frontiers of metaphysics, enjoining readers to reconsider some of their most deeply held beliefs about ancient technology, psychic phenomena, reincarnation, and the vast unknown past.

    Michael Le Flem, M.A. is a researcher, adjunct professor of history and philosophy, columnist for New Dawn Magazine and KennedysandKing.com, a scuba diver and guitarist. He grew up in South Florida, and attended the Harriet. L. Wilkes Honors College and Florida State University, where he studied Western intellectual history and U.S. foreign policy.'Visions of Atlantis: Reclaiming our Lost Ancient Legacy' is his second history book after 2008's 'The Specter of Reason.'Michael is a book reviewer for Publisher's Weekly, and was a one-time research assistant for investigative journalist Whitney Webb while she was writing her best-selling two-part series, 'One Nation Under Blackmail.' He has also ghostwritten for authors of the History Press. He is eager to share ideas with open-minded podcasters, authors and radio personalities, and is open to invitations and collaborations on topics of interest.

    Sat, 01 Apr 2023
  • 595 - Destiny: Sterling Moon, Talking to Spirits

    Through step-by-step guidance and fascinating tales from her decades of experience, Sterling Moon teaches you how to develop your own spirit communication practice. She shows that everyone can connect with spirits―you, too, can enrich your life, find peace, and make the world more fun and interesting through mediumship.This comprehensive book reveals how to identify and interact with many different types of spirits, including ancestors, deities, shadow people, and elementals. Sterling Moon provides journal prompts in every chapter as well as techniques for managing haunted people, places, and objects. You'll also explore a variety of communication tools such as scrying mirrors and ghost boxes. From ethical considerations to protection against negative entities, this book covers everything you need to build a safe and successful practice.

    Sterling Moon has communicated with spirits since childhood and began officially practicing mediumship in 2016. She has been reading tarot since 1995 and teaching divination skills since 2013. She works with clients virtually and in-person at her private office in the metaphysical shop, Ritualcravt. She teaches through her school, Sterling Moon Divination Academy, and is a long-time instructor at Ritualcravt School. She also apprenticed under Johannes Björn Gårdbäck, an internationally respected teacher and spiritual worker in the Swedish folk magic tradition of trolldom. She lives in Colorado. Learn more about Sterling at sterlingmoontarot.com.

    Wed, 29 Mar 2023
  • 594 - SPECIAL EDITION: Melissa Tittl, Code-12, The Way out of the Matrix

    Da Vinci code meets Indiana Jones in the setting of Inception. As the world nears a precipice of suffering, technology has become the answer to our problems. It seems that even with the greatest discoveries we still haven't figured out how to fix some of the main problems that plague humanity. Some people refer to this ceiling as the matrix, an invisible hand that puppets our every move on this planet. Melissa Tittl, investigative journalist and filmmaker, never really thought anything of this concept until a personal experience that haunted her. It became a journey to unravel an ancient code in the tombs of the pharaohs, the temple walls and ancient sites all over the world. She uncovers not only one code but two. One code that we use today in our current mathematical systems and a second code that hints at something more ancient and much more profound. A computer programmer warns her, "If you are in a simulation and you are asking these questions, whoever simulated you, isn't going to let you get this far. " Putting danger aside, she pursues her mission. She interviews geneticists, archeologists, biblical scholars, and quantum physicists that have all picked up the same code in their work. Could this be the next part of our evolution? Melissa weaves together profound evidence that our greatest human potential is hidden in plain sight, waiting for us to understand how the universe really works.

    Melissa Tittl - Producer
    Born from ancient wisdom. Translated to our new reality. Hathor studios was started by Melissa Tittl a producer, writer and director who has been implementing new narratives to the same old human storytelling. She created this company to develop content that uncovers the human potential hidden in the unknown. We are a full production studio known for documentaries, episodic TV and short content. We merge with talent all over the world to create art that influences the masses.Why did we name it Hathor Studios? Hathor is one of the original goddesses of Egypt. Her temple still exists in Dendera but her wisdom has been replaced with the ideals of a more famous goddess,Isis. We feel that her presence represents something humanity lost thousands of years ago, something we are searching for currently and something we may need to get to the next level of humanity.

    My life mission is dedicated to producing content about the world of the unknown that contributes to the fabric of society and our understanding of existence. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by narratives that challenge boundaries and promote critical thinking. This quest led me into a career in production, writing and directing as an investigative journalist. As Head of Content and Development for Gaia, I wrote and developed new story concepts into an expanding, global market. I also wrote and produced TV shows for major networks (Paramount Studios, Netflix, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, among other high-profile networks). Some examples are Ancient Aliens, The Universe, Hangar One and Ancient Civilizations, Chelsea Does on Netflix. But after over a decade in the entertainment industry, I felt we were producing the same material by asking the wrong questions. Hathor Studios was born to bring new consciousness and find new solutions to the issues plaguing society. My goal is to break the cycles and thought patterns that hold back human potential. I want to give people the courage and endurance to make real change by understanding the universe we inhabit.

    Tue, 28 Mar 2023
  • 593 - William Donato: The Search for Atlantis

    In this updated look at the search for Atlantis, archeaologist Bill Donato reveals startling new evidence that the remains of temples, pyramids and other structures can be viewed under water - off the coast of Bimini. In this program we'll learn of new evidence confirming what Edgar Cayce predicted - that the great city of Poseidia would evidentually be found underwater. For a series of fabulous new photos, go to the earth ancients Facebook page (groups.)

    Sat, 25 Mar 2023
  • 592 - Destiny: Marc Seifer, Ozone Therapy for the Treatment of Viruses

    Examines how ozone therapy disables viruses, fights inflammation and bacteria, and enhances the immune system

    • Explores the science and history of ozone therapy as well as its success in the treatment of viruses and infections, such as Covid-19 and Lyme disease

    • Presents articles from leading ozone therapy doctors and researchers, including Robert Rowen, M.D., Howard Robins, D.P.M., and Gerard Sunnen, M.D.

    • Shares numerous case studies from more than a dozen doctors to show how Covid-19 patients have been treated successfully with ozone therapy

    Revealing ozone therapy’s enormous potential to bring health to millions, Marc Seifer, Ph.D., explores its science and history as well as its success in the treatment of illnesses such as COVID-19, pneumonia, tuberculosis, Lyme disease, and the flu. He examines research performed by scientists and medical doctors going back more than 200 years that conclusively shows that ozone is a powerful disinfectant with antibacterial and antiviral properties. He shares case studies and clinical evidence from leading ozone therapy doctors and researchers, including Robert Rowen, M.D., Howard Robins, D.P.M., and Gerard Sunnen, M.D.

    Unmasking the suppression of this revolutionary therapy by the FDA, Seifer shows not only how ozone therapy is effective against current viruses such as COVID-19 and Ebola but also how it can help the immune system learn to protect itself against emerging future viruses.

    Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D., author of more than 100 articles and a dozen books, including the acclaimed Wizard: The Life & Times of Nikola Tesla, has lectured at Brandeis University, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, West Point, and the United Nations. He has been featured in The Washington Post, Scientific American, MIT Technology Review, New York Times, The Economist, Nature, and New Scientist and has appeared on Coast to Coast AM, the BBC, NPR’s All Things Considered, and the History Channel. He lives in Rhode Island.

    Wed, 22 Mar 2023
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