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The Great America Show with Lou Dobbs

The Great America Show with Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs

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    ARTICLE 3 PROJECT’S Mike Davis wants to know why House Republicans aren’t issuing more subpoenas for Dem operatives: Jack Smith, Letitia James, Fani Willis and Alvin Bragg? They should make them explain to Americans why they’re using a coordinated Lawfare and election interference against their political opponents. Joe Biden has his fingerprints on every one of these criminal prosecutions against President Trump. Biden sent the full force of his DOJ to round up everyone they could for J6. It was the biggest law enforcement operation in American history. Davis says Biden seems to be trying to create conflict with Trump supporters with Lawfare and wonders if it’s a warm up to what they will do to Trump supporters after they bankrupt Trump, throw him in prison and win the election by default. Davis says House Republicans have to stand up and fight back against Marxist Lawfare. They have to cut off funding for these federal prosecutions and they need to cut off funding for states running their own Lawfare prosecutions. They must issue subpoenas and demand their documents and testimony. Davis says we’re getting to the point of no return. If the Supreme Court does not grant Trump’s stay, Davis says we’re done because it means the Dems are going to be able to prosecute and imprison President Trump in Washington, D.C. before the Nov. 5th election. The Supreme Court would be abetting the final act of destroying our country by the Marxist Dems. GUEST: MIKE DAVIS, ARTICLE 3 PROJECT See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Thu, 22 Feb 2024 - 26min
  • 1225 - Mid-Day Update: February 21st, 2024

    Lou breaks down today's top stories, including James Biden testifying on Capitol Hill and Elon Musk nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Wed, 21 Feb 2024 - 01min

    Cyber expert and free speech advocate, Mike Benz (@mikebenzcyber) says in 2016, AI censorship didn’t exist so it had to be flagged manually on the internet. Development was supercharged after the 2016 election and AI now allows them to censor tens of millions of comments. Now they have their hands on AI weapons of mass deletion. A whole of society censorship network was set up. They needed the govt. to be the quarterback. Gov. agencies, private institutions such as tech and publishing companies, civil society institutions like universities and activist groups, along with media and fact checking organizations. Together they were blasting millions of posts off the internet. The Pentagon was at war with Donald Trump. He reversed the foreign policy of Obama, Bush, Romney and McCain. The Pentagon is the largest employer in the country, larger than any private company with 2 million employees and it gets the most federal money of any federal agency. Benz says tucked within the State Dept. is the Global Engagement Center initially set up to censor ISIS propaganda, the same exact thing they would do to critics of mail-in ballots or Covid. The guy who founded the censorship center within the State Department, Rick Stengel, was Obama’s propagandist-in-Chief. After social media cost the Dems the 2016 election, he wrote a book calling for the end of the First Amendment because it allows people to be elected who might undermine Democracy. It went from exporting the First Amendment to ending it, all because they lost an election to Donald Trump. GUEST: MIKE BENZ, FOUNDATION FOR FREEDOM ONLINE See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Wed, 21 Feb 2024 - 41min
  • 1223 - Mid-Day Update: February 20th, 2024

    Lou breaks down today's top stories. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Tue, 20 Feb 2024 - 01min

    The Left says Special Counsel Robert Hur is a Trump holdover. Roger Stone says no, he’s a career prosecutor. The Left says his remarks about Biden’s cognitive ability were inappropriate. Stone says one way to settle it is to do what they did to Richard Nixon. Release the audio tapes. We need to hear Hur interviewing the President. Then we’ll see if his memory is slipping and if there’s deterioration in his condition. Hur found that Biden willfully retained classified documents in violation of the law but because he’s slipping, he gets a pass. The Presidential Records Act does not give authority to Vice Presidents. Stone believes in the end, it will be Michelle Obama running against Donald Trump as she is the only person who has a chance to stop him. Democrats know Biden can’t make it between his failing policies, inflation, the threat of war, the fentanyl crisis, serious questions about Biden’s mental deterioration and growing evidence of Biden family corruption. Stone says Kamala Harris doesn’t have dementia but she makes even less sense than Biden. In New York, Trump is a victim of criminalized and weaponized justice system, prosecuted for a crime that has no victims, simply for borrowing millions from banks. Trump paid it back on time and banks made $40 million from his loans so who was the victim? Banks didn’t bring the complaint, the government did. Trump’s case may have to go to the Supreme Court before he gets justice as all the New York courts are packed with liberal Democrats.   When Dr. Harvey Risch and others started The Wellness Company, they had no idea how deep the corruption and control was. Dr. Risch says people involved in corruption think they’re saving Democracy from Communism but what they’re doing is making it safe for Socialism. We learned how our supply lines were disrupted during the pandemic. A lot of antibiotics that we commonly use were made in China and India and can be hard to get at times. We learned that when treating virus illnesses, speed is important and shipping delays were part of the problem treating. Even if your pharmacy has it in stock, it takes a day or two to get a prescription filled so having it on hand is a prudent way to protect yourself. And one of the essentials in preparing for any unexpected event is the Wellness Company’s Emergency Contagion Kit—I urge you to check out the kits at their website: go to TWC.Health/Dobbs and if you enter Promo Code: Dobbs at check out you’ll save 15% off your order. GUESTS: CONSERVATIVE STRATEGIST ROGER STONE AND DR. HARVEY RISCH, CHIEF EPIDEMIOLOGIST FOR THE WELLNESS COMPANY See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Tue, 20 Feb 2024 - 48min
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