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X22 Report

X22 Report is a daily show that covers the economy, political and geopolitical issues. Join me and many others to fight what is rightfully ours.

1319 - Trump Will Offer Classified Info Relating To The Elections,MI,Pandora’s Box Opened – Ep. 3223
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  • 1319 - Trump Will Offer Classified Info Relating To The Elections,MI,Pandora’s Box Opened – Ep. 3223

    Biden is skipping the climate summit in Dubai, Harris is going in his place. Whitmer is now going down the path that California is following. The debt system is imploding and the [CB] just signaled that the economy is ready for a soft landing. Translation, the [CB] hit the cliff and down it goes. The [DS] is digging their hole and its getting deeper and deeper. Everything they do to Trump will be used against them in the end. Trump will be able to take the gloves off and nobody will be able to complain. Pandora's box is has been opened. Trump is ready to show the people who was involved in the election. He will show that there was foreign interference, think of the 2024 election, what happens when there is foreign interference, what can be done to protect the elections?

    Thu, 30 Nov 2023 - 1h 43min
  • 1318 - [DS] Panics Over A Legacy Law That Allows Trump To Expand The Military In The US – Ep. 3222

    The [WEF]/[UN] are pushing the agenda, they are now trying to limit the food supply and transition the people into eating bugs. EV market is a failure, the green push is finished. The people are struggling, the people see the truth and its only going to get worse. The entire economy looks like 2008-2009 economic recession. The [DS] is pushing everything they have to take Trump out, but this will backfire. The indictments are going to allow Trump to legally introduce evidence and the people will see who rigged the election and who was responsible for J6. The [DS] is panicking that Trump might use a legacy law that allows him to use the military on US soil to go after the treasonous criminals.

    Wed, 29 Nov 2023 - 1h 45min
  • 1317 - [DS] Failed, Now They Are Pushing Assassination, 18 US Code Chapter 115, Game Over – Ep. 3220

    A news study shows that the fake elites emit as much carbon as the bottom two-thirds. Blue states because of the climate agenda have expensive energy costs. Black Friday sales are fake. Newsom tries to gaslight the people with inflation figures. The currency is losing value while alt currencies are rising in value. The Fed is trapped. The [DS] has failed in every attempt to remove Trump. The latest attempt of trying to get him off the ballot has failed. Now they are pushing the idea of an assassination by building the narrative. Trump and the patriots know the playbook and this will only add to their charges. The people are with the truth teller and if or when the [DS] attempts this act, it is truly game over for them. The evidence in the end will show that they are truly treasonous to this country.

    Sun, 26 Nov 2023 - 1h 27min
  • 1316 - Erik Prince – Israel Gaza Not Over, China Invading Taiwan, The World Is At A Tipping Point

    Erik D. Prince is a US-born entrepreneur, philanthropist, Navy SEAL veteran and private equity investor with business interests in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America.  A strong supporter of economic development in emerging markets, he is the founder and chairman of Frontier Resource Group, a private equity firm that invests in transformative natural resource projects. 

    Prior to establishing the Frontier Group of companies, Mr. Prince founded and ultimately sold Blackwater USA, a provider of global security, training and logistics solutions to the US Government and others, which he sold in 2010 and Presidential Airways, a global transportation company with over 75 aircraft operating in emerging markets. 

    Mr. Prince's career of extensive professional engagements throughout the world give him a unique perspective on developing economic trends, opportunities and risks to consider.

    Sat, 25 Nov 2023 - 1h 13min
  • 1315 - [DS] Lost The Narrative, Pattern Of Corruption Discovered, It’s Going To Be Biblical – Ep. 3219

    Everyday that passes the green new deal falls apart, the EV's don't work, to expensive to produce, the global warming is a hoax, the people know. Kamala gets caught with a gas stove. Retail is off to a rocky start this holiday season. Milei begins the process of shutting down the [CB]. The [DS] is now struggling, the narrative is lost. Trump and team found a pattern of corruption and it is being exposed to the public. This will lead to another and then another. The corrupt are running out of options, the people are behind the truth teller. The take of the [DS] is going to be biblical.

    Fri, 24 Nov 2023 - 1h 28min
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