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X22 Report is a daily show that covers the economy, political and geopolitical issues. Join me and many others to fight what is rightfully ours.

1502 - [DS] Pushed Into A Corner, Constitution Is Winning, Election Attack, Watch The Water – Ep. 3379
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  • 1502 - [DS] Pushed Into A Corner, Constitution Is Winning, Election Attack, Watch The Water – Ep. 3379

    China is trying to destroy Boeing to replace it with their own airline system. Now we come to find out that the titanium is counterfeit and they are being used on the planes. Trump is now showing the people the way, first he said no taxes on tips, now the push is for no income taxes. This all leads to removing the [CB] from the country and the rest of the world. The [DS]/[CB] reign is coming to an end. The [DS] is now pushed into a corner. Everything they have done to Trump is going to come back to haunt them. These are their crimes and they are setting precedents which Trump will use to get them. The [DS] is building the narrative that the election system will be attacked. The [DS] is putting everything in place for war, they included the drafting of women in the new NDAA and it just passed the house. The GOP wants to rename the water surrounding the US to DJT, watch the water.

    Sat, 15 Jun 2024 - 1h 26min
  • 1501 - Trump Has Set The Stage For The Debates, Down The [DS] Goes, Strikes Will Come Fast – Ep. 3378

    The Fed is right on schedule, they are holding the rates while building the narrative of a rate cut. Powell admits the job numbers might be overstated. Election interference. Saudi Arabia Petrodollar agreement is expiring, the [CB] is being dismantled. The [DS] is not in control, the people are seeing the truth. Trump has now set the stage for the debates. Back in 2020 he told the world that the laptop was real and that JB was lying about taking money from foreign countries. Biden used 51 intelligent clowns to back up his story, now the truth is out and he lied. From this point on the strikes will come fast and the [DS] will be exposed further as we get closer to the election.

    Thu, 13 Jun 2024 - 1h 20min
  • 1500 - Change Of Batter,Cyber Attack,Cuban Missile Crisis Narratives Building,Eric For The Win – Ep. 3377

    The people are rejected the Biden student loan cancellations, those who are receiving the the cancellation will not notice it with the economy collapsing. Inflation is falling, right on schedule, this is all about the rate cut coming in September. Trump is all in on Bitcoin, the only way to stop CBDC. The [DS] is now building the narrative to remove Biden and replace Biden with either Michelle or Hilary. Cyber attacks are increasing world wide and countries are now worried about malware that is undetected. Russia has warships in Cuba, no missiles but the narrative is being built that Russia is going to start a war. The [DS] has been trying to destroy Trump and his businesses, they want to take his liquor license away, the only problem is that Eric Trump says that DJT is not the holder of the license. Eric for the win.

    Wed, 12 Jun 2024
  • 1499 - [HB] Convicted, [NP] J6 Revealed, It’s Not What It Seems, Draft, Trump Is 5 Steps Ahead – Ep. 3376

    The Biden admin is making its final push as we get closer to the Presidential election. The country is now giving jobs to illegals instead of Americans. US Government is spending like we are in a crisis, which we actually are. Sen Warren makes the first moves and asks Fed chair to lower rates. Right on schedule. The [DS] believes it is showing the people of this country that their is not a two tiered justice system. The people aren't buying it, HB broke the law, Trump did not. NP J6 video was revealed saying that she is responsible for the security of the capital. What is going on is not what it seems. Trump is 5 steps ahead, he is thinking about the 2024 election and beyond, once Trump wins the election he needs to bring people to justice, think about what has been just introduced into evidence.

    Tue, 11 Jun 2024
  • 1498 - The Left Has Lost It’s Grip World Wide,[DS] Changes Narrative On Elections,To Big To Rig – Ep. 3375

    Trump is now showing the people that there is another way. While Biden and the Fed destroy the economy Trump is showing the people he will put money back in their pockets. The BRICS are now moving to detach from the Federal Reserve Note. The [DS] is losing its grip on the world. It has already started in Europe, the left is losing their power the people are voting them out. Next will be the US. Soon the [D] party will cease to exist once it is all exposed. The [DS] is beginning to change their narrative on the election, they went from Trump must accept the results that Trump is going to rig the election. The [DS] realizes they do not have the same ability to cheat like they did before, the only alternative is to delay and not certify, both will fail.

    Mon, 10 Jun 2024
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