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The Archers

The Archers

BBC Radio 4

An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.

2172 - 26/03/2023
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  • 2172 - 26/03/2023

    Tom and Natasha get a tempting offer, and Brian just wants to be left alone.

    Sun, 26 Mar 2023
  • 2171 - 24/03/2023

    Writer, Tim Stimpson Director, Kim Greengrass Editor, Jeremy Howe Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Debbie Aldridge ….. Tamsin Greig Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Ruth Archer ….. Felicity Finch Harrison Burns ….. James Cartwright Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Justin Elliott ….. Simon Williams Clarrie Grundy ….. Heather Bell George Grundy ….. Angus Stobie Chelsea Horrobin ….. Madeleine Leslay Joy Horville ….. Jackie Lye Jim Lloyd ….. John Rowe Paul Mack ….. Joshua Riley Adam Macy ….. Andrew Wincott

    Fri, 24 Mar 2023
  • 2170 - 23/03/2023

    Justin is feeling patriotic, and Jim is getting ready to settle in.

    Thu, 23 Mar 2023
  • 2169 - 22/03/2023

    George wants his eighteenth birthday party at Ambridge View. Susan thinks Grange Farm would be much more suitable, but George reckons they don’t want it there either. They chat about the new dairy window and Susan’s struggles with the mock questions. Susan thinks she’ll be fine once she’s sure of her facts. George offers to lend a hand. He fires her some questions based on the manual but soon gets bored of that. He poses some more interesting ones. Susan sees the merit in these and asks for more. George declares he needs to get home for his tea, and to persuade his mum and Ed about the party – He’s sure they’ll still say no. Suitably softened, Susan offers to put in a word. Later George gives Clarrie his dairy patter as he did with Susan, flattering Clarrie’s ability to chat about her job. The desired result is achieved when she also agrees to talk to Emma and Ed for George. Debbie admits to Adam that she jumped to the wrong conclusion over Brian and Joy. Adam thinks Brian will understand. She just needs to say sorry. But Brian’s unwilling to accept her apology. Debbie elaborates – he can’t blame her for thinking the worst, he does have form. Brian accuses Debbie of still not trusting him, and harsh words are exchanged. Debbie goes too far, implying that Brian’s affairs contributed to Jennifer’s heart condition. Instantly regretting her words, Debbie tells Adam there were things said that can’t be unsaid. She doesn’t think there’s a way of putting this right.

    Wed, 22 Mar 2023
  • 2168 - 21/03/2023

    Harrison drops into the vet surgery and tells Paul about the spate of dog attacks on sheep. Paul promises they’ll do their bit to spread the word among their clients regarding keeping dogs on a lead. Paul knows from Denise that Harrison played Jesus in the Ambridge Mystery Plays. He asks if there are any other productions planned that he could get involved in. Harrison has to disappoint him. There’s nothing doing at the moment. However he suggests Paul might want to get involved in the Eurovision committee celebrating the event. Paul declares he loves everything Eurovision – count him in! Debbie’s slightly perturbed by the amount of decluttering Brian’s doing prior to his move. She suggests he join her for dinner at Kate’s later as he has no plans, but Brian’s happy to be on his own tonight. When Debbie calls at the shop, Joy confirms with Justin that she’s Jennifer’s daughter. Remembering how seeing her mum’s scarf upset Alice, Joy rushes past Debbie. She’s wearing it again and is keen for it not to have the same effect. Debbie’s puzzled by Joy’s evasion. Joy heads to Brian’s to return everything of Jennifer’s she bought at the bring and buy, including a brooch. Brian insists she keep it. He’s helping her with the catch when Debbie walks in and misinterprets the situation. Brian protests his innocence, but Debbie’s seen it all before, and doesn’t believe him. When Joy explains the brooch was Jennifer’s, it makes things worse. Debbie declares Brian doesn’t change. She's just grateful her mum doesn’t know.

    Tue, 21 Mar 2023
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