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Coast to Coast AM airs on more than 600 stations in the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico and Guam, and is heard by nearly three million weekly listeners. With hosts George Noory, George Knapp (weekend), and guest weekend hosts, it is the most listened to overnight radio program in North America. A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often inexplicable) phenomena. Coast to Coast AM is overnight talk radio with daytime ratings.

659 - The Continuity of Consciousness After Death
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  • 659 - The Continuity of Consciousness After Death

    Interweaving his profound personal experience and compelling scientific evidence, Mark Ireland presented a deep dive into psychic-medium phenomena, spirit visitations, afterlife communication, reincarnation, synchronicity, and near-death experiences, pointing to the survival of consciousness after bodily death. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss detailed accounts of scientific experiments conducted to obtain evidence for the continuity of consciousness, including his own test involving a secret message left behind by his deceased sister. That test, based on a test devised by Harry Houdini, involved a message that she would communicate after she passed. But to eliminate any chance of someone learning what that message was, and any claims of deceit, he had her write her secret message on a slip of paper that was then sealed in an envelope. He explained that the plan was to wait for a later time, and then reach out to some of the mediums they knew. Ireland directed readers to his book for full details, but noted that certain phrases that came through resonated with him. One was, “I got my teeth back,” because his sister had lost some teeth in life. Another was related to a favorite childhood television show – Little House on the Prairie.
    Ireland also discussed his father, the late psychic medium Dr. Richard Ireland, who was an advisor to actors, politicians, and other influential individuals. He explained how, while dealing with the loss of his youngest son, he received a message from a family friend who brought him an unpublished manuscript his father had written that the friend had held for 12 years until he “felt like (he was) supposed to” pass it on. Two weeks later, while meeting with another medium to discuss the loss of his son, she brought up his father’s book, noting that she received a message that “he’s handing (the book) to you to take forward.” During the same session he received a message from his son congratulating his parents on their anniversary. Later, he said, he and his wife would receive other messages related to his son’s bass guitar that reinforced their belief that his consciousness survived his death.

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    Wed, 01 May 2024 - 32min
  • 658 - 2024 in Numerology Solar Cycles & Civil Unrest

    In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants (ph. 877-686-2373) joined George to discuss the World Energy of the year 2024, an 8 year, as well as how world events are unfolding and why it’s not too late to seize opportunities to create personal wealth or find love. McCants, an expert in how patterns of events unfold exactly according to the energy signature of specific numbers, explained the origins of the discipline she follows, noting that it originated with Pythagoras, is more than 2,500 years old, and is based on "the belief... that everything in this universe has vibration," and that through numerology you can understand those vibrations and how they interact with people and events. For instance, she said, in the case of love and relationships, numerology can help a person determine "who is compatible to you and who is a challenge."
    She also explained how energy can be changed with numerology by changing numbers. All numbers can be reduced to 1 through 9, and are determined by adding together each series of numbers until you get to the root number. So, for instance, 640 would be 6+4+0 which equals 10. Then 10 would be 1+0. The number 640, then, would be a "1" number. So, McCants explained, if you want to be left alone, having your address as a "1" number is fine. If you don't want to be alone, though, you can change it, she said. You can do that, she claimed, by adding a number to gain the vibration you are seeking, and then writing or inscribing that number somewhere out of sight inside your doorframe. According to McCants, this will change the energy of your home without having to change your physical address. Be careful what you change it to, though. The numbers expert said while a "5" house will always be interesting, there are dangers of addiction associated with that number, while a "6" home is good for family and stability. McCants also touched on the numbers associated with world leaders and politicians, including Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Robert Kennedy Jr., and Vladimir Putin, and what that predicted for them in the coming year before taking calls and giving readings based on the numbers associated with birthdates. For more, check out Glynis' online workshop on Saturday, April 6th on using affirmations and numerology for healing.
    Journalist and researcher Alex Ansary has covered diverse subjects including the supernatural influence over human affairs, geopolitics, and World War 3, the Sun's effect on human consciousness, spiritual transformations, and other ideas regarding what we are really doing here on Earth. In the second half, he explained the impact of solar cycle 25 and how increased sunspots and geomagnetic storms correlate with more wars, conflicts, invasions, protests, and all-around civil unrest (view related material). Ansary began by noting how Galileo was one of the first to study solar cycles in the Western world but that the Chinese have been keeping records of sunspot counts for much longer. According to Ansary, the Russian researcher Alexander Chizhevsky used these records in the early 20th century to develop his theories of "heliobiology" or the study of the Sun's effect on biology, and was one of the first (at least in modern times), "to start looking at the Sun and the wars that were taking place when the Sun was active at that time."

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    Tue, 30 Apr 2024 - 34min
  • 657 - Ayahuasca Healing Grand Canyon Mummy

    Tom Boyle is a facilitator at ayahuasca ceremonies in Florida. In 2019, he had his first ayahuasca experience, which convinced him of the profound healing potential of this sacred plant medicine. Since then, he's been dedicated to guiding others on their paths to healing with ayahuasca and is currently writing a book that shares condensed stories of individuals' transformative experiences with ayahuasca. He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss that mission.
    Boyle provided an overview of ayahuasca, explaining its origins from the Quechua language and its significance as spiritual medicine. He emphasized that ayahuasca is illegal in the US but can be used legally within certain religious contexts. Boyle debunked the notion that one must travel far to experience ayahuasca, noting that ceremonies are conducted within the US, often accompanied by music and facilitated by visiting shamans from Peru.
    Boyle shared personal experiences with ayahuasca, including his initial skepticism, extensive research, and eventual participation in ceremonies. He recounted various encounters with the medicine, such as experiencing physical and emotional purges, encountering spiritual entities like Mother Ayahuasca, and witnessing profound healings in others. In addition, Boyle highlighted the diverse ways ayahuasca can facilitate healing, from physical ailments to deep-seated emotional traumas.
    Stories of a mysterious network of vast caverns, brimming with weapons, statues, seeds, and other ancient Egyptian treasures, have been reported at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Sharon Day, paranormal investigator, author, and popular blogger of "Ghost Hunting Theories" and "Groovy New Life," talked about the Grand Canyon Mummy site.
    Day recounted an intriguing historical account from the 1909 Phoenix Gazette which reported on the discoveries made by an explorer named G. Kincaid, who claimed to have stumbled upon a cave filled with mummies and artifacts while traversing the Colorado River. Drawing parallels with similar findings in Baja, Mexico, and Nevada, Day presented evidence supporting the authenticity of Kincaid's account. She discussed the significance of native legends and archaeological evidence in corroborating historical narratives, noting the importance of considering indigenous perspectives and oral traditions in understanding ancient cultures and events.
    Day also delved into psychometry, recounting experiences from a young age when she could intuit details about objects and the people associated with them. Growing up in a Civil War hospital turned home, she found herself drawn to artifacts and possessed a unique ability to sense the histories and energies surrounding them. This innate skill in psychometry led her to develop a deep understanding of human behavior and perspective. Day emphasized the value of storytelling and understanding the narratives behind every person and object encountered to promote empathy and understanding.

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    Mon, 29 Apr 2024 - 35min
  • 656 - Life in the Hells Angels

    George Christie, former president of the Ventura charter of the Hells Angels, joined guest host Connie Willis (info) for the entire 4-hour program to discuss his life in the world's most infamous motorcycle club, his time in solitary confinement, and how he uses his past experiences to help others.
    Christie reported on his involvement with the History Channel's "Outlaw Chronicles," revealing the show provided a platform for him to share his perspectives. Despite never watching the edited version of the series, Christie admitted he enjoyed participating in the show and appreciated the opportunity to tell his stories from a unique angle. He recounted a story of negotiating with the History Channel team while transitioning from prison to everyday life, noting the success of the show and its international reach.
    Christie shared insights into his identity as a motorcycle enthusiast and his journey from being a Marine to joining the Hells Angels. He outlined the origins of the outlaw motorcycle club in post-war America and his involvement with it in Southern California. Despite the club's controversial reputation and conflicts with law enforcement, Christie emphasized his perspective as a motorcycle enthusiast and outlaw rather than the public perception of the group as a criminal biker gang.
    He described his experience with solitary confinement during his time in jail. According to Christie, the conditions were harsh with a disciplinary diet of two meals a day and minimal contact with others. He expressed his belief that solitary confinement is inhumane and should be changed. Despite his past, Christie revealed he now works as a consultant, strategist, and advocate for various causes.
    Christie delved into his efforts to negotiate peace among rival motorcycle clubs, drawing from his experiences in prison and courtroom battles. He recounted instances of conflict resolution and the establishment of a moratorium on violence between clubs to maintain peace within the motorcycle community. He also spoke about his podcast, "Speak of the Devil," and upcoming book projects which delve into his ongoing efforts to share stories and insights from his life as a Hells Angel.

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    Sun, 28 Apr 2024 - 35min
  • 655 - Health & Disease Beliefs Transmedium UFOs

    Author Mark Gober has served on the board of the Institute of Noetic Sciences since 2019. He revealed that most people probably haven’t thought to question fundamental beliefs about health and disease. For example, do bacteria cause disease, or are they part of the body's cleanup crew that appears at the scene of an underlying toxicity or injury? Do researchers follow the scientific method when they claim to isolate viruses and show that they cause disease in their hosts? Gober told George he is skeptical of some of these claims and said he feels other scientists don’t focus enough on the intellectual and spiritual influences on health. “It’s difficult to challenge the materialist view of consciousness, which is the idea that consciousness is stuck in our skull,” he explained. “Much of what the Institute of Noetic Sciences looks at is the evidence that this is not true, and the implications (of that.)”
    Gober noted that he feels much of Western medicine, which employs an allopathic approach – or treating symptoms and diseases with drugs and surgery – “does not seem appropriate in terms of looking at health and disease.” While it’s “understandable for doctors who are dealing with many patients” who “just need to get that person well,” he continued, “from my perspective, we need to get to the root cause of why people are getting sick in order to try to figure out the appropriate remedies.” He said understanding consciousness is a big part of figuring out why folks get sick. “When I don’t see doctors talking about (consciousness), to me, it’s just a red flag,” he said. He explained that while most allopathic doctors think that consciousness is in the brain, and not something to be considered in treating illness that isn’t directly related to the brain, “if (consciousness) is more like a soul – which I think there’s a lot of evidence for that – then the body becomes a vessel for that soul.” Therefore, he claimed, consciousness needs to be considered in any treatment. But, unfortunately, “that’s not the way modern medicine typically regards health.”
    Researcher and documentary filmmaker, Darcy Weir, has chosen to explore some of the most intriguing topics of discussion today, including UFOs and cryptids. He joined George to discuss his recent film, Transmedium: Fastmovers & USOs, as well as the mysterious world of NASA-related UFO encounters in space. Those topics included the role of SETI and the likelihood (or lack of) that they will actually receive or send a message that isn’t thousands of years old by the time it arrives, and the role of scientists like Seth Shostak who continues to work with SETI while discounting UFO evidence such as that disclosed by military whistle-blowers.
    Weir discussed his recent and upcoming documentary films on UFO phenomena as well. His most recent focuses in part on the phenomenon of USOs or Unidentified Submersible Objects – essentially UFOs that go under the water. He explained that he believes many submarines have encountered USOs, which they call “fast movers,” and even documented them on sonar. “It’s almost like an open secret that they’re noticing these operating in our oceans with superior speeds to anything we can operate,” he said. “A submarine goes a maximum of about 35 to 40 knots,” he continued, while a torpedo – creating an air bubble in front of it to reduce friction – can get up to 70 knots. But the items spotted on sonar move even faster; and unlike our technology, which is limited to either the air or the sea, these objects can readily move from air to sea and back again, making them truly transmedium. “They… exhibit the capability of moving from our oceans to our atmosphere to space with no friction, no regard for physics as we know them.”

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    Sat, 27 Apr 2024 - 35min
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