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8919 - Morning Minute: Tucker's Spicy First Twitter Vid - 6.8.23
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  • 8919 - Morning Minute: Tucker's Spicy First Twitter Vid - 6.8.23

    Those with bare eight o'clock hours, rejoice! Tucker Carlson has released his first Twitter monologue, and if this is just the beginning, it's certainly going to be juicy!

    Thu, 8 Jun 2023 - 01min
  • 8918 - Chopped Chumps - 6.7.23

    Tune in every weekday at 5:00 every evening to hear the best chumps submitted by loyal listeners like you. Send us your best one-liners between noon and 4 at 844-500-4242

    Wed, 7 Jun 2023 - 01min
  • 8917 - Taylor Cormier: Extraterrestrial Talk with Stephen Basset, Alien Transparency Advocate | 6.7.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 4

    Yes, there is someone fighting for the government to disclose information on extraterrestrial activity, and his name is Stephen Barret. This week, a "whistleblower" hinted at evidence of non-human intelligence, and the story got quite the spotlight. For Barret, this is an everyday struggle. According to him, our government is keeping key knowledge from the American people. Release it!

    Wed, 7 Jun 2023 - 38min
  • 8916 - Taylor Cormier: Chris Christie Wants Take-Out, Er, to Take Out Trump & the Chump Line | 6.7.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 3

    Chris Christie throws his hat in the GOP ring with an explicit aim to take out Trump, who he calls Voldemort. Cringe! Plus, tune in for Taylor's presentation of the Chump Line!

    Wed, 7 Jun 2023 - 40min
  • 8915 - Taylor Cormier: Trump Could Be Indicted (Again) and Mike Pence's Mayonnaise-on-Toast Campaign Launch | 6.7.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 2

    Tomorrow, we could see ANOTHER indictment of former President Trump. That'd be two impeachments and two indictments. You have to admit the guy can break records! Then, Taylor comments on Mike Pence's presidential campaign launch that's... how do we say this nicely... extremely dull. Maybe that's his avenue, though!

    Wed, 7 Jun 2023 - 39min
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