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The Mark Moss Show


The Mark Moss Show helps you navigate cryptocurrency, business and financial markets, and more. An investor, entrepreneur, cryptocurrency expert, and host of the popular Market Disrupter YouTube series, Mark shares his knowledge for making money and becoming a true entrepreneur. With more than 25 years’ experience building seven and eight-figure business and investment portfolios, subscribe and listen to gain valuable experience and perspectives on the opportunities in this new ever changing world of finance.

392 - The Truth About the Debt Ceiling and What's Ahead For Bitcoin with Q
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  • 392 - The Truth About the Debt Ceiling and What's Ahead For Bitcoin with Q

    Technology changes the world and that technology is Bitcoin.  We want to look and understand what is happening. So you have to be looking through some of these news headlines this week and it has been crazy. I decided to bring in my buddy Q to help dissect some of these current events.  Q and I I just worked the news desk together in Miami last weekend in the Bitcoin Conference and this week, the big debate was this debt ceiling and it kind of came down to the last minute... looking like maybe a deal wouldn't happen. I thought that maybe Republicans would kind of hold on a little bit better, but they seem to just absolutely cave. They gave up almost nothing. I go into all of this in detail in This Episode of the "The Mark Moss Show" on iHeart Media.

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    Wed, 07 Jun 2023
  • 391 - How to Capitalize from The Current Corporate Turbulence

    Today, we discuss what is going on with all of these companies going woke, some of them going broke and how to fix this. We're going to talk about why more and more companies are doing this. We're talking about the fight, the pushback that's happening and why companies are doing this and hint, it's not about the money. They're not trying to make more money doing this. We're going to talk about where this is really coming from, the real push. Why are they doing this? Then talk about why this idea ultimately fails and how they've completely got it wrong. Then finally, the massive opportunity that's being created because of this right now. And then how you can capitalise on this and change the world at the same time. Alright, so let's go.

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    Mon, 05 Jun 2023
  • 390 - Navigating the Energy Crisis: Insights from CEO James Hill

    Hello and welcome to another episode of the Mark Moss show. Today, I have James Hill, the CEO of MCF, an energy company tackling the energy crisis in Europe. We discuss the problems in the energy sector, the impact of regulations on supply and demand, and the challenges of transitioning to renewable energy. James emphasizes the time and resources required for a successful transition and highlights the consequences of disrupted energy supply on people's lives and jobs.

    James shares his extensive background in the energy industry, including successful projects and experiences in oil, natural gas, and exploration in various countries. We touch upon the challenges faced in Europe, where restrictions and reliance on Russian gas have hindered development within the European Union.

    We discuss the political motivations behind these restrictions. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the energy crisis, including sanctions, the war fallout, natural gas prices, possible solutions, and investment opportunities.

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    Fri, 02 Jun 2023
  • 389 - Debt Ceiling Debate and the Impending Showdown

    The financial revolution is currently underway, as the global finance system is breaking apart due to excessive debt and insufficient production. I explain that when the money supply grows faster than goods and services, inflation occurs, leading to rising prices. I identify debt as a drag on production and productivity.

    I talk about the impending debt ceiling debate in the United States and the possibility of a technical default if a deal is not reached in time. The Republicans have offered to raise the debt ceiling by 1.5 trillion dollars, but the Democrats reject this proposal, leading to a constitutional showdown.

    Regardless of the outcome, I believe that massive money printing is inevitable, with the only point of contention being the extent of it.

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    Wed, 31 May 2023
  • 388 - Inside the Bitcoin Conference: Uniting Values for Positive Change

    In this episode, I discuss the decentralized revolution and the shift from centralization to decentralization, emphasizing the importance of individualism and freedom.

    I attended the Bitcoin conference, where the focus was not just on monetary gains but on human rights and global issues. The conference showcased the power of shared values and the potential for positive change.

    Additionally, I highlight the opportunity to preserve purchasing power through real estate investment, particularly with RAD Diversified, a company offering decentralized access to cash-flowing real estate.

    Overall, the decentralized revolution is transforming our world, and embracing it can lead to a better future.

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    Mon, 29 May 2023
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