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Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

Cristina Sharon Beauregard Cepeda

Oliver Twist, is the story of a boy who at birth, his mother dies after childbirth and there is no record of his father. The boy is destined to live in orphan hospices. The first hospice he lived in was one for babies of his condition

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  • 1 - Oliver Twist

    It is a book written by Charles Dickens, in which he recounts the life of a little boy who at birth is orphaned and in the hands of people who all do is treat him cruelly. One day things change for the better, everything begins to give another color in the unfortunate life of this boy.

    This is my final project of my second semester of high school, due to unfortunate events I could not do it as a team so I got confused a bit with the tone of voices, but even so I gave everything to make it go well, I hope you like it and not go out low in my rating :( I hope you like it and enjoy it

    Wed, 30 Jun 2021 - 10min