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Enough About Me with Kirk Minihane

Enough About Me with Kirk Minihane


Kirk Minihane hosts "Enough About Me," which features a collection of guests from the sports, media and entertainment industries.

302 - Ep. 23: Robert Lipsyte
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  • 302 - Ep. 23: Robert Lipsyte

    Kirk Minihane is joined by former ESPN ombudsman and New York Times writer Robert Lipsyte. Kirk and Robert discuss the current state of ESPN and how Robert feels he did in his role as ombudsman. They both criticize ESPN for the lack of journalism at ESPN and look at some of the curious decisions the world wide leader has made in the past few years.

    Thu, 14 Jul 2016
  • 301 - Ep. 22: Lenny Dykstra

    Kirk Minihane is joined by Lenny Dykstra to talk about his book, his life pleasing older women, and Lenny tries to avoid his past issues with money. This is one explosive episode.

    Thu, 07 Jul 2016
  • 300 - Ep. 21: Antoine Walker

    Kirk Minihane talks to Antoine Walker about his troubles with gambling, losing his $100m fortune, his relationship with Paul Pierce, and playing under Rick Pitino.

    Thu, 30 Jun 2016
  • 299 - Ep. 20: Jan Volk

    Former Celtics General Manager Jan Volk joins Kirk Minihane for a discussion that any Celtics fan will love. Kirk and Jan talk about the legendary 85/86 Celtics and how the team was constructed and of course the decision to draft Len Bias and his tragic death.

    Thu, 23 Jun 2016
  • 298 - Ep. 19: John Tomase

    Kirk Minihane sits down with John Tomase to talk about the current political landscape, John's desire to write about social issues, and of course Spygate is discussed.

    Thu, 16 Jun 2016
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