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Hit It

Hit It

Stevie and Cristo

- Cannabis Culture - Music - Sports - Educational Entertainment for Earthlings.... Sequencing Harmonic Convergence...

6 - Interlude 6 - The Sun City Side of Sol Flower
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  • 6 - Interlude 6 - The Sun City Side of Sol Flower

    In this one, the cadets trek to Sun City to explore the wonderful offerings that Sol Flower has out that way. What a great trip, met Jane Fix(a true quasar in the community), John, Dean and Jenna, SPECIAL THANKS! Lots of treasures gathered for discussion. There's also some music and sports in there somewhere...Clicky linky things below

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    Mon, 22 Jun 2020 - 1h 16min
  • 5 - Interlude 5 - Terpedy Derpedy (Terpene Special)

    ***Disclaimer - Our Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition!

    In this one, the adventurers travel to Terpedy Derpedy and learn teachings of terpenes in the Cannabis they enjoy. There's a ton of new knowledge in this journey through space and time. "Know Reggie Edgy Bong Rips" reveal some interesting facts and the fellAZ try out some new strains. A nice discussion and preview of each Indrid Cold Files song also occurs at some point. A couple new musical gems pop up and a visit to a time many moons ago for Cristo has him jamming some old tunes. A new mission? Yes, an attempt to gain access to an Arizona Cardinals pre-season game with a press pass, to better cover the team and provide an experience of a lifetime is underway. There's probably some other Sports in there well as hidden messages throughout, per the usual. Check it oooouuuuuuuut.?!

    P.S. Happy Birthday Pops!!! Love Steven

    Here's some clicky linky thingys to check out ...(due to us being old, some of these you may have to copy/paste in your browser)

    Fantasy Football League(Vampire)

    Killah Priest - Dude Cristo is jamming these days

    Cristo's Mic


    Kentucky Goblins



    Cornflower & Indubious "You Are The Medicine"

    Twitch Find - MermaidUnicorn - Amazing Person

    Citizen DJ Project

    One Earth Live

    Cali Roots Festival

    Forestt - The Band We Liked From One Earth Live...

    Indrid Cold Link Coming Soon...

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    Sat, 30 May 2020 - 2h 04min
  • 4 - Interlude 4 - It All Continues...

    During this mental adventure, the fellas continue evolving the show. In Sports, a new listener...? The space cadets go over the 2020 AZ Cardinals schedule and make some silly predictions. In Music, the Indrid Cold Files-an album and song name release. Cannabis Culture -  While the guys are merely entertainers, they are also Medical Marijuana Card Holding Patients in the state of Arizona. Always eager to learn and teach, some reformatting may occur during this segment. So enjoy the dummies for now, cuz they're about to learn. Here's some links to things discussed in this show. If you're interested in something that is not listed below, let us know and we'll send a map.

    Almost forgot! You can now catch us on iHeart Radio!

    The Hit It Show Fantasy Football Vampire League(May Have to Copy/Paste) Link and Rules

               Here’s the basic set up rules.

    1 Vampire Team(Selected at Random, Will Not Be Stevie or Cristo) Vamp does not draft(commish will control team and draft junk players) After draft Vamp can then go drop junk players and build team using players on waiver wire If/When Vamp wins, they can trade for player of same position(ex. QB for QB) in opponents starting lineup. Vamps can't touch Bench players. So, if you are playing against the Vamp and are scared of losing, you can hide your favorite players on your bench, save them and hope for the best. If/When Vamp wins match up, they must propose trade by high noon Wednesday after game. This gives loser a chance to fix team up before next game. Trades and wavers will be allowed,,,although there is a trade deadline later in the season Prize will be awarded to League Champ Only, Bonus Prize if Vamp Wins League Trash Talking-Highly Encouraged-But...You better do it in a respectful and positive light. We WILL NOT tolerate any shitty human behavior. If you act a damn fool, you will be removed from the league and someone nice will gladly take your spot!

    Cool Twitch Music Streamers

    Meyhem Lauren (Cristo's Old, yet New Discovery)

    Whatchu Smokin On? - Strains of the day

    TRU Infusion CBD

    Worth Takeaway - - Amazing Sandwiches, Sides, Beverages and People!


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    Fri, 15 May 2020 - 48min
  • 3 - Interlude 3 - Red Sea Draft Chatterings

    In this broadcast of transmissions the space cadets discuss the Arizona Cardinals draft, cover the roster ins and outs and then slide into tunes and ganja talk.

    Jessica Golich

    Last Prisoner Project

    Citizen DJ Project

    MAGIX(Acid Pro 10 and other awesome softwares)

    Red Sea Related[Hakeem Butler Twitch]


    Lynyrd Quasar SoundCloud[currently under overhaul]

    Black Lagoon Nebula Studio[Dr. Essex Creations]


    Indubious Message

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    Tue, 28 Apr 2020 - 58min
  • 2 - Interlude 2 - 420 Special Edition

    A special show for a special day! This time around the fellas are joined by Professor Bex, a medical marijuana insider who has come to kick the funky knowledge. Very useful information in this one folks. ***Disclaimer-Professor Bex is not a real professor-doctor type woman. She’s just a girl professing her love for the Sweet Green Goddess*** Check out links to all the cool things mentioned on today's show... Arizona Medicinal Marijuana Info AZ Smart & Safe Initiative CBD For Life King Palm[Amazing Blunt Wraps-Tobacco Free!] Indubious rootfireTV[An awesome way to connect with artists] Leafly[One stop shop for most of your cannabis desires] --- Send in a voice message:

    Mon, 20 Apr 2020 - 1h 56min
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