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You Cannot Be Serious

You Cannot Be Serious

Sam Newman & Don Scott

Topical chat and opinions on the hear and now

612 - Episode 228 - Part 2 - Sergio Paradise
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  • 612 - Episode 228 - Part 2 - Sergio Paradise

    Q: What is The Bonobo Gene? A: A theory linking men's propensity for dumb (aka funny) behaviour to a breed of African apes. Sharing 98% DNA with a sex and violence-crazed primate might be a bit of a stretch ... but in this laugh-out-loud, intriguing and informative new release, author Steve Marshall makes the link, backed up by research, anecdotes, tall stories and a Blokes' Hall of Shame. Steve is well-placed to guide readers on this journey into the male brain, having lived and seen it all as a script writer, TV producer, radio performer, podcaster, small business owner, mate, husband and dad.  Like men themselves, The Bonobo Gene as a book evolved over time. It's the culmination of two years of research with academics, business leaders, entertainers, sports stars, friends and family. The book's chapters explore different theories and ideas seeking to explain why men are the way they are.  In deep diving on men and the male appendage, the book skillfully balances the funny and serious. Steve provides insights into some of our best known and most loved sporting heroes and rock stars, toxic masculinity, #Metoo, the Hollywood casting couch.  The Bonobo Gene is available now at all good bookstores or    About the author (and his alter-ego, Sergio Paradise): The stories Steve Marshall can and will tell you. A veteran media performer and creator, Steve has worked with some of the biggest names in Australian entertainment and the sporting world. He has worked as a producer on a host of hit shows across TV and radio- Sale of the Century, The Grill Team, The Footy Show - to name just a few. Steve has done it all. The Bonobo Gene is his first book but it very much draws on his wealth experience in the entertainment industry over the last few decades. Steve isn't afraid to share his bonobo gene moments and have a laugh in the process. In 1994, when Triple M Radio green lit the Saturday morning show, "The Grill Team",  the show's three stars, Eddie McGuire, Jane Kennedy and Trevor Marmalade asked Marshall, who was Trev's ex-housemate, to be the show's resident showbiz and gossip correspondent. "Ëveryone knows you work at Channel 9, so think of a stupid name for yourself", said Eddie. So Steve unashamedly stole the name from a former D-List Melbourne cabaret singer by the name of Sergio Paradise who still boasts a place in the record collection of Santo Cilauro. Marshall expected this to last a month at best before getting axed, but in 2023 he is still appearing round the traps under that moniker. Since The Grill Team finished, Serge has been on Radio SEN ("Ralphy, Serge & The Big Man", The Richard Stubbs Breakfast Show, RSN Breakfast, and more recently 3AW with Dee Dee Dunleavy. He even spent a year as showbiz reporter on Working Dog's "The Panel", until a Channel Ten exec asked, "Why are we having a bloke on who nobody's ever heard of talking about TV stars when we can have the actual stars?" Good Point.

    Wed, 29 Nov 2023 - 49min
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  • 610 - Episode 227 - Part 3 - MLB’s Peter Moylan

    Peter Michael Moylan (born 2 December 1978) is an Australian former professional baseball relief pitcher.  He played in Major League Baseball for the Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers and Kansas City Royals and in the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) for the Macoto Gide.  He featured a mid-90s miles per hour fastball and threw sidearm.

    Wed, 22 Nov 2023 - 54min
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