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The Drive

The Drive


The Drive comes your way weekdays from 2pm-6pm on 610 Sports Radio.  Carrington Harrison & 'The Sports Machine' Sean Levine will make you laugh,  listen & learn in the afternoon or on your drive home from work.  They're passionate, dynamic and care about giving the listeners  the quality and entertainment they demand. Tune in!    

7540 - 5pm The Hits
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  • 7540 - 5pm The Hits

    The Drive ended the week with the hits plus one final thing in the extra point.

    Fri, 24 Mar 2023
  • 7539 - 4pm Jay Binkley

    Jay Binkley joined The Drive to discuss the rumors of the Chiefs connection to DeAndre Hopkins and their draft plan.

    Fri, 24 Mar 2023
  • 7538 - 3pm Other Fan Bases Hatin’ on KSU

    The Drive looked at the hate filling the textline about the success of Kansas State and said it needs to stop.

    Fri, 24 Mar 2023
  • 7537 - John Kurtz

    John Kurtz joins The Drive to discuss the Wildcats advancing to the Elite 8 and their upcoming matchup with Florida Atlantic.

    Fri, 24 Mar 2023
  • 7536 - 2pm Kansas State and Michigan State was an All-Time Great Game

    The Drive opened the show discussing the all-time great performance by Nowell in the Kansas State Sweet 16 victory.

    Fri, 24 Mar 2023
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